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Lefty Lounge with Brook Hines – Premier episode Kartik Krishnaiyer on Afghanistan and Ron DeSantis

Kartik Krishnaiyer joins Brook Hines to discuss the media’s war fever in the wake of President Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal. Also discussed is Kartik’s view as to why Ron DeSantis’ COVID-19 handling and creeping authoritarianism makes him most dangerous elected official of his lifetime.

Royal scandal and Cancelling Churchill – why now are Americans “discovering” the uncomfortable truth about Monarchy?

This is a deeply personal post and one that might offend some folks. Please understand it is all in the spirit of our society moving forward with bias or baggage. — I must admit I have long found the fascination so many Americans have with the British Monarchy beyond bizarre. Our nation was founded by […]

Trump’s consistent softness on China has left the United States weak and vulnerable

President Trump, last Tuesday held a Rose Garden press conference ostensibly about China and Hong Kong. But instead it descended into a first-rate farce, as he attacked Joe Biden for everything imaginable and talked little about China and even less about a pandemic that is raging currently having claimed over 140,000 American lives. Trump has […]

Trump’s #Ladakh lie and China coddling crystallizes what is at stake in November

Earlier this week President Trump waded into a decades old border dispute between two of the world’s most populated and powerful countries – China and India. Both are nuclear power and among the five largest economies in the world. These Sino-Indo disputes are historically ones which India has never wanted mediated by a western nation […]

” #Obamagate ” explained in the shortest possible fashion

Having written an extensively long and half-week consuming piece the other day on “#Obamagate,” I realize a more direct explanation can be given for this “scandal”. Here goes in some short bite-sized bits. 1- Michael Flynn was a foreign agent. And worse yet, he was an agent who had collected six figure fees from foreign […]

Is Guyana the Kuwait of the Americas?

Voters Speak as Oil Roars Guyana is about to become one of the wealthiest nations no one has noticed.  Its election on Monday, March 2, 2020, will partially guide the country into the future but the economic changes will be the main catalyst for change. To Americans over the age of forty-five, this South American […]

Will President Trump be the first US President in a generation to stand up to imperialist warmongers? Iran decision will inform us.

Whether it was the backing of death squads in Central America, preemptive war designed to further US economic interests in Iraq, unmanned illegal drone strikes in Pakistan , oddly timed coups, repeated election interference abroad, or dozens of other imperialist actions that have spread discord globally, the United States throughout my lifetime has been the […]

Florida Democrats and Venezuela – subconsciously backing American imperialism in Latin America?

I was out of the country for several weeks so I only observed from a far much of the sprint Florida Democrats took in the last month toward a neoliberal/neoconservative position on Venezuela and Nicolas Maduro. Donald Trump’s Presidents Day “pep rally” at FIU which was built around the case for American intervention of some […]

Kavanaugh’s confirmation, the historical loss of American global moral authority and vulnerability of women globally

Judge Brett Kavanaugh will now be Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. The United States has proven once again in the eyes of the world it’s drifting far from the moral leadership it long clung to globally. In so many ways the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh is the culmination of a long drift toward overt moral hypocrisy […]

Trump policy tilt toward Saudi Arabia a mistake

President Trump’s decision to arbitrarily violate the Iran Nuclear Deal and continue to align American interests with the repressive Saudi Arabian regime signals to the world that the US is far from concerned about human rights, misogyny and the treatment of immigrant guest worker populations. It also indicates the United States isn’t open to persuasion […]