Florida Democrats wisely begin pivoting in light of Biden’s successful opening with Venezuela

President Biden’s pragmatic shift in foreign policy over the last six months, a shift from continuing the inconsistent treatment of various authoritarian regimes, to a Realpolitik that emphasizes the current Cold War with China, and increasingly hot wars with Russia, has taken a strong turn in the last week.

Isolating Russia should absolutely be the overriding goal of American foreign policy right now, and personally I don’t care whom we buddy up with in the process. All preconceived notions as to morality have to be, at least temporarily checked at the door, in my opinion.

The United States has seen a quick thawing of relations with Venezuela and looks poised not only to resume buying oil from the South American nation, but moving the Maduro regime from close alliance with Russia, to a more neutral position. As a Floridian, this is welcome news. Included in this is the release of Americans in Maduro’s jails.

Florida Democrats haven’t been wild previously about Biden’s willingness to engage Venezuela but today the party indicated a strong, welcome shift.

“President Biden has always stood with Venezuelans and there is no doubt of his commitment to bring democracy back to Venezuela. A year ago, he granted Temporary Protected Status to thousands of Venezuelans living in the United States. Now, he continues his work towards a free Venezuela and of bringing unjustly jailed Americans home,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz. “We pray for the safe release of all wrongly detained Americans and Venezuelans by the Maduro and Chavez regime.”

This quote while not embracing Biden’s policies and opening with Maduro does reorient the party away from its dogged opposition and in-line with the policy priorities of this Democratic Administration.

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