The Florida History Podcast

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Episode 24: Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crises and Cuban emigration to Florida (to be released October 29)

Episode 23: St Augustine under British rule and during the American Revolution (to be released October 22)

Episode 22: Spanish Colonial St Augustine

Episode 21: Bob Graham’s Work Days

Episode 20: Reconstruction and Florida

Episode 19: Florida and the Movies

Episode 18: The Golden Age of Florida Politics

Episode 17: Pan American World Airways Florida birth and FDR’s first Presidential flight

Episode 16: Florida and Labor Day Hurricanes

Episode 15: The Seminole Wars

Episode 14: Prohibition in Florida

Episode 13: Henry Flagler’s Railroad from St Augustine to Key West

Episode 12: Henry Flagler’s St Augustine

Episode 11: Claude Kirk

Episode 10: Hurricane Andrew & Hurricane Katrina in Florida

Episode 9: Kennedy Space Center and the Apollo program

Episode 8: Walkin Lawton Chiles

Episode 7: The Conch Republic and Key West

Episode 6: The Pork Chop Gang and the birth of progressive politics in the state

Episode 5: Disney World and the growth of Central Florida

Episode 4: Florida as a Presidential swing state 1876 to present

Episode 3: Civil War (War between the States) in Florida

Episode 2: North v South

Episode 1: Introduction

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