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The political instincts of a flip flopper – A case against Nikki Fried for FDP Chair

I’m a lifelong Florida Democrat, before today, I never felt the need to weigh in on the race for the statewide party chair. It should not be Nikki Fried. During the Democratic Party Primary for Governor, frankly I was concerned that her ties to the Medical Marijuana Lobby and Cryptocurrency would pull her down in […]

Marco Rubio’s racist friends

There’s an old saying in Spanish, “Dime con quien andas, y te dire quien eres.” In a nutshell you are who you hang out with. There are somethings that you can overlook, wearing socks with sandals, or a coat and flip flops, all crimes of fashion but forgivable. There are other things that would be […]

Marco Rubio and the racism of low expectations

Watching the debate between Marco Rubio and Val Demings last night, it clicked to me why as a Cuban woman I take offence to Marco Rubio’s appearance and performance on the national stage for all these years. The racism of low expectations, I’m 57 have lived in Florida for most of my life. Despite all […]

Looting and Shooting after a Hurricane? Questions…

I’ll readily admit that I, like the average American, have a lot of stuff/possessions (too many). I live in the Florida Panhandle about 1.5 miles away from the Gulf of Mexico in front of a retention pond. It is frighteningly obvious to me (my husband doesn’t like to think about it) that the question of […]

What is the Cost of our Fear?

My abuelita used to tell us if people know/understand your fear(s) they can control you, she was teaching us about Santeria, which she had been taught to fear.  Besides being taught to fear Santeria she saw people in her old neighborhood in Cuba lose their minds because they thought someone used brujeria on them. I […]

The white man’s burden.

While my articles are all opinion pieces I always do at least a couple of historical searches to make sure that my memory has the dates and general subject matter organized properly. Doing research on this title I came upon a poem by Rudyard Kipling by the same title. A little disappointed with myself. I […]

Matt Gaetz, Fame Whore Extraordinaire!!

I’ve lived in the Florida Panhandle since 2008, when I moved to the area our Congressman was Jeff Miller. I liked Jeff, we didn’t hear much from Jeff. Since Jeff retired I started thinking, if you don’t hear that much about your Congressional Representatives it means they’re probably working hard for the district.  Jeff did […]

Marco Rubio, The Cuban Disappointment

In the motherhood Hall of Fame there is one special section for moms who make their kids feel guilty, shaming them into doing things they don’t want to do. Honorable mention to all the Jewish moms out there. Cuban moms have a special knack for guilt inducing diatribes with all the drama of the worst […]

United States of America AKA Home of the Big Mind Fuck.

When I started on what I’ll call the project of writing for the Florida Squeeze it was my intent to draw a line from pre (and post) Castro Cuba’s perversion and flat out thuggery of the politics in my state, Florida. The events of the last month or so have my thoughts going in about […]

Stupid Bowl LV

I will admit as a Tampa Native I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the Buccaneers and the NFL, and local politicians who’ve given way too much to both. My dad has always hated the team and even volunteered to drive them out of the city for free when there was talk of moving them from […]