Looting and Shooting after a Hurricane? Questions…

I’ll readily admit that I, like the average American, have a lot of stuff/possessions (too many). I live in the Florida Panhandle about 1.5 miles away from the Gulf of Mexico in front of a retention pond.

It is frighteningly obvious to me (my husband doesn’t like to think about it) that the question of when, not if, our home will be destroyed by flooding and/or wind. Our important documents are in a briefcase, the day we get the call to leave we have little to pack.  Pictures and a few sentimental items that fit in a plastic crate and we will pack as many articles of clothing, shoes, and personal items as we can into our luggage/duffels. The rest is 100% replaceable, electronics, furniture, appliances, even the house.  I would not stand guard over ANY of it.  

When I see/hear the governor say we have 2nd Amendment solutions for looters, I want to ask him when things /possessions become more valuable than human lives?  The supposed pro-life crowd is quick to threaten the death penalty for someone who may be stealing a waterlogged TV, or maybe a desperate person in search of food, water, or clothing. 

They’ve been brainwashed that a 2nd Amendment solution is appropriate for everything from parking and or traffic disputes to family arguments, conflict resolution at the end of a Glock.  Hey, there’s a reason they call us the Gun Shine State.

I am imploring my fellow Floridians to think before you act, I know I can live without my material possessions.

I couldn’t live with myself if I killed a person over one of them. Can you? 


  1. Maria Cristina Morales, you have raised an excellent topic of conversation. Since before Andrew, we have seen those “We shoot looters…” signs, etc. Why would we think that was an appropriate solution? THANK YOU for this article. I am going to share it.


  2. Patti Lynn · ·

    Maria Cristina Morales, you have raised an excellent topic of conversation. Since Andrew, I have read the “Looters will be shot, etc…” signs posted in the newspapers and online. Someone should die while exploring, (or even looting), a flooded, moldy, former residence? We have lost our collective moral compass. Thank you for your article. Where have our values gone?????


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