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U.S. and Saudi Arabia: A Cold “Peace”, Part I

  A number of issues have recently come to a head between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.  The most important is the Saudi Arabian connection to terrorism.  This question is being decided in the federal courts, the U.S. Congress and between both countries.    60 Minutes recently produced a story on the “28 Pages” of […]

CD 4: Thunder on the Right in wake of Crenshaw retirement

  The 4th congressional district in Northeast Florida has been an anomaly for the last twenty-four years.  In 1992 the district was radically changed by the Florida Legislature to create a base for a rabidly conservative member of Congress.    However, the voters of the district have elected moderate Republicans Tillie K. Fowler and Ander […]

A History of Cynicism in Recent Democratic Presidential Races

  Mark Twain supposedly said, “history doesn’t repeat but it does rhyme.”  Yet history, in the Democratic primary between former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and Senator Bernie Sanders, appears to be repeating. Democrats are well known for circular firing squads and eating their own.  However, this enthusiasm often abates during general elections against actual […]


According to a recent article in, more than 60 percent of stock owners believe the market is rigged for insiders. They favor stricter regulations on financial institutions and nearly 90 percent believe the federal government has failed to limit the power of Wall Street. With no lack of irony the House Financial Services Committee […]

Montana Governor Schweitzer’s Road to the Vice Presidency

Former Senator Hillary Clinton does not, and will not, want to include former Governor Brian Schweitzer as her Vice Presidential nominee if she wins the Democratic nomination. However, baring a more viable challenger, it is possible Schweitzer may become the inevitable choice; even after a bruising primary. In recent polling former Senator Hillary Clinton averages […]

Does a Montana Governor Stand Between Hillary and the White House?

Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer may very well be a candidate for President in 2016. His first step will be winning the Democratic nomination. Does he have chance? With name identification below ten percent outside of Montana he will have to considerably raise his profile on the national level. The fact that he provides such […]

The Rise of the Republican Party of Florida & the Decline of the Middle-Class

Florida Governor Rick Scott has claimed that the Florida economy is doing better than the rest of the nation and business publications, like Florida Trend, have proclaimed, “Florida is back!” The headlines sound great but the facts tell another story.   A recent study by Florida International University’s Research Institute on Social and Economic Policy found […]

Charles Schwab Sells Customers Down High Frequency River

The Charles Schwab Corporation is all about accountability. Just ask them. In a commercial, Chairman, Charles Schwab, explains, “the most principled people are the people who frankly can stand by their promises.” Schwab promises a “commitment to providing the most ethical financial services” including an “accountability guarantee.” The accountability business appears to be booming. In […]

Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys and Discount Brokers Selling Out Customers

Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt A new book from Michael Lewis, “Flash Boys,” has set off  a firestorm on Wall Street. Lewis, a former bond trader, has taken aim at sacred cows, vested interests and deep pocketed institutions that have gamed the system for buying and selling U.S. stocks. The primary charge in the […]

The World Turned Cold: A Review of “The Ides of March”

Stephen Myers (played by Ryan Gosling) was a rising political star.  He was bright, idealistic, charming and articulate.  He had a knack for massaging the press corps and avoiding tiger traps. As such, he attracted others to him.  His wit, charm and idealism made him attractive to others who felt they had similar gifts or […]