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Does a Montana Governor Stand Between Hillary and the White House?

Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer may very well be a candidate for President in 2016. His first step will be winning the Democratic nomination. Does he have chance? With name identification below ten percent outside of Montana he will have to considerably raise his profile on the national level. The fact that he provides such […]

The Rise of the Republican Party of Florida & the Decline of the Middle-Class

Florida Governor Rick Scott has claimed that the Florida economy is doing better than the rest of the nation and business publications, like Florida Trend, have proclaimed, “Florida is back!” The headlines sound great but the facts tell another story.   A recent study by Florida International University’s Research Institute on Social and Economic Policy found […]

Charles Schwab Sells Customers Down High Frequency River

The Charles Schwab Corporation is all about accountability. Just ask them. In a commercial, Chairman, Charles Schwab, explains, “the most principled people are the people who frankly can stand by their promises.” Schwab promises a “commitment to providing the most ethical financial services” including an “accountability guarantee.” The accountability business appears to be booming. In […]

Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys and Discount Brokers Selling Out Customers

Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt A new book from Michael Lewis, “Flash Boys,” has set off  a firestorm on Wall Street. Lewis, a former bond trader, has taken aim at sacred cows, vested interests and deep pocketed institutions that have gamed the system for buying and selling U.S. stocks. The primary charge in the […]

The World Turned Cold

(A review of the Ides of March, DVD) Stephen Myers (played by Ryan Gosling) was a rising political star.  He was bright, idealistic, charming and articulate.  He had a knack for massaging the press corps and avoiding tiger traps. As such, he attracted others to him.  His wit, charm and idealism made him attractive to […]

JP Morgan: from “fortress” balance sheet to Fort Apache the Bronx

A few years ago, Jamie Dimon, the Chairman and CEO of JP Morgan, was the “savior” of Wall Street armed with a “fortress” balance sheet.  Today eight federal agencies are investigating the bank, which has been labeled, “out of control,” by one analyst and shareholders will vote tomorrow on cutting Dimon’s role in half. In […]

The Post Human Economy as Enlightened Utopia

Just as machines have infinitely multiplied human muscle power throughout history, technology is infinitely multiplying human brain power today. So say MIT professors Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson in their book, “Race Against the Machine.” Moreover, they say the digital revolution is only half completed.  When it comes to technology’s ability to replace workers, “We […]

Curtains for Megabanks?

The leading intellectual opponent of “Too Big To Fail” (TBTF) banks is likely economist Simon Johnson.  Johnson declared victory recently by stating the debate on TBTF was “over.”  In his New York Times column, Johnson declared, “(T)he decision to cap the size of the largest banks has been made. All that remains is to work […]

Asian Diplomat: U.S. Decline Inevitable

Each economic downturn in the U.S. inspires a slew of books about the country’s decline.  The current crop has been called, “Declinism’s Fifth Wave,” by author and publisher, Josef Joffe. However, many Americans find the declinist literature written by foreign authors distasteful.  Just as outsiders are forbidden to criticize the family, books written by non-Americans […]

JPMorgan and Rogue Trader Nick Leeson

Somewhere Nick Leeson is having a good laugh.  In 1995, Leeson destroyed Barings Bank by exceeding the firm’s trading limits and hiding his losses.  Leeson’s trades cost the firm $1.4 billion and forced the 232 year old Barings into bankruptcy. JPMorgan apparently employed the same dark arts in the losing trades of London Whale, Bruno […]