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January 6 – The impact on Florida and a look back to that day and how we covered it from a Florida perspective

The January 6 insurrection had a clear Florida flavor to it – from a number of the insurrectionists being Floridians to the impact media from Florida made on it, to President Trump himself who has claimed Florida as his home state while he tried to circumvent the will of the national electorate and stay in […]

Audio discussion on ghost candidate scandal

Brook Hines, Kartik Krishnaiyer and Ryan Ray discuss the ramifications and implications of what The Orlando Sentinel has uncovered in the ghost candidate scandal. We go beyond the discussion of just the three impacted State Senate races and the 2020 cycle to dive into the larger implications of what has been uncovered. The panel discusses […]

The Ghost Candidate State Senate scandal

We haven’t written about the ghost candidate State Senate scandal on these pages as of yet because we have wanted to get all of the information and process it before moving forward with analysis. Unfortunately that took a year, but thanks to The Orlando Sentinel’s outstanding reporting, all the pieces are now there for us […]

2020 Florida Presidential Results by Metro Area – Trump won the vast majority of Florida metro areas

Since November, we’ve seen a lot of breakdowns in Presidential results by county and by Congressional district. These are useful tools but also useful is to see a breakdown by Census Bureau designated Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). So we have broken that down here. MSA’s give us a greater picture as to how a region […]

The Trump Years: Cromwellian America

Joe Biden’s Presidential Inauguration is finally upon us. It can be seen in many ways as a restoration of sorts, after the turmoil of the last four years which have badly exposed the crumbling facade of this now largely failing nation-state. The United States has in Donald Trump’s tenure proven incapable of handling a pandemic […]

Republicans vs. the Voters: Chaos, Carnage and the Coup

On January 6th Republican representatives within the government voted to reject the will of the people, while a Republican mob from without tried to overthrow the government.  Does this day signal the future of the Republican Party and the conservative right or will it be regarded as an anomaly in a fractured landscape of media noise? […]

Podcast: Election 2020 from a historical perspective part 2

We continue our discussion about the 2020 Election in historical context on The Florida History Podcast. This is part 2 or 2 regarding the election. You can listen to the Florida History Podcast on Anchor (which hosts our show), Spotify, Google, Apple Podcasts, Radio Public, Breaker, Overcast, Castro or Pocket Casts. Overcast, Castro, Spotify, Radio Public and Breaker have App Store apps for free which enable […]

The two decade cycle of failure without even really trying (or listening) – Personal reflections of Florida Democrats since 2000 and why it might be time to walk away

If you had told me after the 2000 Presidential recount where I played a fairly significant role, at least locally in South Florida that in 2020, Florida would be less white than anytime since statehood, the Democrats would have a record amount of money to spend, we’d have more ads on TV than the GOP […]

Biden’s Honeymoon in Hell

There will be no honeymoon for Joe Biden. He will inherit a country where roughly half the population believes the election was stolen and most of the nation is painfully fatigued by virus-inspired social restrictions. The President-elect is proposing more testing, mask wearing, contract tracing and possible shutdowns. While greater access to testing may be […]

Kartik Krishnaiyer and Dave Trotter discuss Florida Election 2020 in a historical context

On a bonus edition of the Florida History Podcast Kartik Krishnaiyer and Dave Trotter discuss what happened in Florida in the 2020 Election and its historical basis. This is part 1 of our look at Donald Trump’s Florida victory in a historical context. On this episode, Kartik Krishnaiyer is joined by Dave Trotter of […]