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2020 Census – what counties do people actually live in Florida and what interstates run through them?

I’ve been frustrated over the last few years as to why national media and several Florida Democratic operatives I speak to don’t quite grasp where people live in this state and that “rural” voters, while overwhelmingly GOP at this point in time, aren’t really responsible for GOP victories. But it’s the same mentality that forced […]

Florida League of Women Voters react to Appellate Court stay on (2021) SB 90

On Friday, the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a stay in League of Women Voters of Florida v. Lee. The initial lawsuit was brought by the League of Women Voters of Florida (LWV), Black Voters Matters Fund, Florida Alliance for Retired Americans and individual voters challenging Florida’s Senate Bill 90 (2021).   The plaintiffs are represented […]

The Phlip Side: Analysis of the Sally Boynton Brown Controversy Part 1

A lot of ink has been spilled over comments made by the new Florida Democratic Party President Sally Boynton Brown.  The Miami New Times wrote a piece (Click here to read it) railing against many of the points that Ms. Brown made.  My good friend Kartik, who I have a lot of respect for, editorialized […]

Trotter’s Take: Understanding voter turnout after Sink-Jolly

In the hours following the election defeat of Alex Sink, speculation as to why she was defeated started to surface. Some talked about her as a candidate, some talked about issues, others talked about how poorly her campaign ran. Basically, all of these are factors of an overall picture, which is voter turnout. In this […]