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Florida Senate race ratings

Every so often, I will be providing ratings on the upcoming State House and Senate races in Florida. Today, I’ll be focusing on the Senate. These ratings take into account previous election results, voter turnout potential, swing potential, and current registration numbers and their voting history. I will make these short and simple for districts […]

Why Fred Guttenberg is the best person to run against Rick Scott

This article was originally supposed to be about possible candidates to run against Rick Scott in 2024. I even asked my Twitter followers come up with some names, both inside and outside of the box. And while I had some predictable, wild, and puzzling names presented, one name that nobody mentioned, but that kept sticking […]

Can Democrats take HD 35 in a special election?

Taking a quick glance at Florida House District 35, it seems like one that the Democrats should win. It’s a district that goes both into Orange and Osceola Counties. And despite Osceola going Republican in the last election, registered Democrats still outnumber Republicans in the district. In addition, there are a large number of NPA […]

The Jacksonville Mayor’s race: a first look at the results

Donna Deegan’s win as the next mayor of Jacksonville was a tremendous boost in the arm for downtrodden Democrats in Florida. As Kartik Krishnaiyer said in The Florida Squeeze, this win for the Democrats is the most significant win in decades. Granted, it’s only the most significant due to Democrats’ lackluster performance over the last 30 […]

Donna Deegan wins- Twitter Space reaction

We did a Twitter Space tonight with myself, Kartik Krishnaiyer and Jack Rowan to discuss Donna Deegan’s win the Jacksonville Mayor’s Race and what it means in the bigger picture of Florida politics.

A graphic look at the first round of Jacksonville voting in the Mayor’s Race

Here is a look back at the first round of voting in Jacksonville’s Mayor Race which took place in March. Donna Deegan led the field and is in Tuesday’s runoff with Daniel Davis.

Remember that pro-Nikki Fried GOP-firm poll?

We’re rerunning this piece to remind our readers and stakeholders in the Democratic Party, that Nikki Fried’s campaign touted a “tied” poll in a race she weeks later lost by 25 points. This poll was done by a GOP firm and paid for largely out of contributions from FPL and Big Sugar via Fried’s Florida […]

An idea to make the Florida Democratic Party, more democratic

Over the last few years, Democrats have been expressing the need to protect the concept of democracy, and rightfully so. With Trump’s and the GOP’s assault on democratic ideas and values, combined with a strongman theory of authoritarianism, it’s important for Democrats to be the opposition voice during these turbulent times. However, to truly support […]

Full deep-dive audit and panel report of Florida Democrats underway

We’ve begun working on a full audit/ report about the failures of the Florida Democrats is underway. We intend this to not be the usual window dressing and rearranging Titanic deck chairs that has characterized Florida Democrats reaction to failure in the last two decades but a serious, deep-dive that attempts to diagnose the systemic […]

TFS & Voting Trend begin a “deep dive” post-mortem to look at Florida Democrats

If you work in Florida Democratic politics, are in a local Democratic party, or involved in any way, feel free to email me with problems you have noticed with the Florida Democrats . Everything is confidential. Email me at Kartik Krishnaiyer and I are working on a “deep dive” post-mortem which seeks to assess […]