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This is the ad the Democrats need to run against Marco Rubio

Why is Nikki Fried suing President Biden?!?

(VIDEO) Looking at the Democrats seeking to challenge Ron DeSantis

Who is the Democrats best bet to challenge Ron DeSantis and why aren’t the Democrats running against “Florida Man,” which IS Ron DeSantis?

Ukraine: This is Genocide

It’s becoming an all-too common habit. When I wake up, I turn on my phone, go to the Telegram page that my Ukrainian friend sent me, and get updates about the overnight events. Most of the posts are about news regarding the current conflict, the military victories of Ukraine, and the suffering of the Ukrainian […]

Audio (free access): On Joe Rogan and far left/right convergence on anti-authority

Dave Trotter and Kartik Krishnaiyer discuss the growing issue of support anti-authority and anti-expertise voices on both the far left and far right. This is highlighted by the Joe Rogan situation. This is the type of content we provide on TFS+ regularly.

Why did Democrats lose Florida?

Visit Dave Trotter’s new site Voting Trend. This post was cross-posted from the new site which will focus not only on Florida but voting trends across the globe. Yes, it was Miami-Dade. Still, to put blame solely on Miami-Dade would be wrong. When all the results are certified, Miami-Dade will have provided the largest net […]

All this talk about super-voters, 4/4s, 3/4s…What does it mean?

Editors Note: TFS Editor-in-Chief Kartik Krishnaiyer who is on the Biden/Harris Campaign did not contribute to this story For most people working on a political campaign, there is one certainty in politics. Once the polls close, you are no longer employed. As soon as the announcer on the television says “the polls are now closed […]

October 27 Nowcast Video

Oct 24 Nowcast video: GOP advantage in early voting

Oct 23 Nowcast Video: GOP sneaking up