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2022 Turnout Changer Dashboard

Access the dashboard for all 67 counties at the link below

Graphical overview of turnout in the Florida Primary

Click the below link to observe all of the maps and tables related to the August 23 primary.

Florida Primary Turnout by county and party- an update through Sunday’s early voting

I’ve put together a visual view of latest primary turnout through the end of early voting today here-

Kaplan Strategies Poll was financed by PAC backing Fried

On July 8th, the Nikki Fried campaign touted a poll which showed that she was tied 39%-39% with her Democratic primary opponent Charlie Crist. Now, nearly a month and a half later, we know that the poll was commissioned by Florida Consumers First, the political action committee that has been backing Fried since her first […]

GOP poll – fake tied race in Democratic Party

A poll released by Kaplan Strategies, a polling firm that has only received money from Republicans, shows the race tied. The only person that Kaplan has received money from is Jason Brodeur, who was a main benefactor of the “ghost candidate” scandal in Central Florida.

Are Boomers really more conservative than Gen Xers?

So, are Boomers really more conservative than Gen Xers? Here is a look at the recent post-Dobbs ruling polls. The result might surprise you a little.

This is the ad the Democrats need to run against Marco Rubio

Why is Nikki Fried suing President Biden?!?

(VIDEO) Looking at the Democrats seeking to challenge Ron DeSantis

Who is the Democrats best bet to challenge Ron DeSantis and why aren’t the Democrats running against “Florida Man,” which IS Ron DeSantis?

Ukraine: This is Genocide

It’s becoming an all-too common habit. When I wake up, I turn on my phone, go to the Telegram page that my Ukrainian friend sent me, and get updates about the overnight events. Most of the posts are about news regarding the current conflict, the military victories of Ukraine, and the suffering of the Ukrainian […]