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What we are reading: Why the Democrats can’t obstruct their way to power

An excellent piece of analysis from Aaron Blake of the Washington Post.  A big takeaway is that a bare majority of House districts voted for Donald Trump and the GOP nominee for Congress (218).  A minority (217) voted for some combination that included Democrats – either . Thanks to Congressional gerrymandering after the 2010 GOP wave, […]


The Phlip Side: 2018 FL Dem. Dream Team

It is a fact that you can’t beat somebody with nobody.  In politics, no matter how bad somebody is you are unlikely to beat them unless you have a better option.  Over the past decade Democrats have won a grand total of zero Florida Cabinet races.  The Florida Democratic Party failed to even recruit a […]


Oops she did it again: Pelosi’s inability to connect with non-gajillionaires is just getting weird

Last night Twitter lit up with clips of Nancy Pelosi at the CNN Town Hall responding to a college student asking if the Democrats might be wise to adopt more populist economic policies and priorities. Before asking the question, NYU student Trevor Hill said the alt-right had scored too many points with populist rhetoric. The question was […]

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The Phlip Side: Who is up for a challenge?

Newly elected Florida Democratic Party (FDP) Chair Stephen Bittel, who won the position decisively by gaining a majority of the vote on the first ballot despite having four opponents, has hit the ground running by announcing a $100,000.00 grassroots challenge grant for small and medium sized Florida counties within days of his election.  Bittel won […]


4 lies Democrats still need to stop telling (and one truth we should learn)

The original 5 Lies Florida Democratic Party Needs to Stop Telling Us was published long before the meteoric rise of Bernie Sanders in the primaries, and ultimately, the tragic failure of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. I’ve rewritten the whole essay. Now it’s “4 Lies Democrats still need to stop telling…(and one truth we should learn).” Starting with the one […]

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The Phlip Side (FDP Chair Edition Part 3 of 3): We get the leadership we deserve

As some people who read my article yesterday (Click Here to see) may have noticed, I previewed this column with a different title than I actually used.  I am still going to highlight the remaining conversations and candidates, but recent developments in the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) Chair race cannot be ignored.  Anthony Man, a […]

The Phlip Side (FDP Chair Edition Part 2 of 3): I need a shovel and some rubber boots, stat!

I am extraordinarily optimistic about the future of the Florida Democratic Party (FDP).  I recently wrote a summary of some of the candidates running for FDP Chair (click here for a refresher), and since that was published I have had the pleasure of speaking with four of the candidates running to lead our party.  I […]