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Democrats understanding the working class – an increasingly losing battle?

The Democratic Party I grew up in was all about the legacy of the New Deal. Coming of political age around condo commandos in south Florida, I’d hear stories about FDR, Truman, Robert Wagner, Tip O’Neill, Hubert Humphrey, about organizing, protests, strikes, labor movements, when John Lindsay ran as a third party liberal and beat […]

Democrats MUST pivot to populism regarding reproductive rights and guns – or expect a butt whooping in 2022 and beyond (and the growing irrelevance that comes with it)

Democrats love to be soft technocrats. It’s an age old problem in terms of being too soft and nice in political campaigns and too agreeable in the legislative arena. But this has in fact gotten worse since the party became more driven by elitism and the wealthy donor class. A few key points. A. Democracy […]

Gillum episode shows why progressives cannot sacrifice ethics for power

Four years ago, I took it on the chin for condemning the rush of progressives to back Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum for Governor. Unfortunately, I knew a little too much about Gillum’s character and ethics to find comfort with the idea of him being the standard-bearer for a party that should be focusing on ethics […]

Florida Democrats announce voter registration push. Is it too little, too late?

For the first time since the 1870’s (before African-Americans, then mostly Republicans were disenfranchised by Jim Crow laws), Florida in 2021, had more registered Republicans than Democrats. This proved the culmination of many years of neglect by Democrats, both the mainline party and associated NGO’s/outside entities. The bottom line is this – here in Florida, […]

TFS+ – Elitism and the Democratic Party’s increasingly woeful future prospects

Read the entire article at TFS + Some key points: Back in the day, Democrats used to own the county fair and homecoming parade circuit. They used to be salt of the earth and a stark contrast with stiff, wooden and elitist county club-style Republicans. Boy have times changed. Most voting precincts aren’t academic lecture […]

What should a Democratic reset look like?

By now it’s pretty clear Democrats have a problem with working class voters. Ruy Teixeira who is one of the smart Democrats in the country has a look at what might need to happen next?

Have Your Say: What exactly caused the Democrats debacle?

After yet another electoral debacle, the Democrats insular firing squad has turned on one another. Moderate/neoliberals blaming progressives and vise versa. Elites and the chattering class taking to social media in order to demonize anyone who voted Republican as a “racist,” while others blame the White House for a stalled legislative agenda and question Joe […]

What the Democrats need to hear (but don’t want to)

Today’s print edition of The New York Times contains an op-ed by Ezra Klein that popped up online on Friday. It discusses progressive numbers guru David Shor’s view of the political landscape and his ominous warnings for Democrats. Based on my own reading of the electorate which I will admit was iffy from the 1990’s […]

Another Florida Democratic disaster. Wave doesn’t reach Florida. (UPDATED and EDITED)

Florida Democrats have once again struck out in a big way. For the third straight cycle the Democrats have been embarrassed in Florida.  But what made this cycle worse is it seemingly came against the tide nationally, which favored the Democrats heavily. Like 1998 and 2006, good national years for the Democrats were not replicated […]

Audio: The morning after for Florida

Brook Hines, Dave Trotter and Kartik Krishnaiyer discuss in a quick 15 minutes the biggest takeaway from Election Night in Florida at the top of the ticket.