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For Florida Democrats historical context is lacking. Why Levine and Gillum on paper aren’t as flawed as assumed.

Having lost 17 of the last 18 elections for Governor and the statewide Cabinet, you would think Florida’s Democrats would be looking for new blood, new ideas and fresh energy. But the establishment of the party loves to double down on tired old thinking and lazy stereotypes. They also love to maintain power at all […]

What we are reading: Tallahassee Democrat on Andrew Gillum and the Democrats dilemma

Here we go again. An email scandal involving a Democrat running for high office. In case you missed it, The Tallahassee Democrat blew the lid off something that has been percolating on the cocktail circuit and among Democratic insiders for months – Tallahassee Mayor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum’s sloppy use of email. At […]

Andrew Gillum sounds like a DEMOCRAT!

On paper, Andrew Gillum is the wrong candidate for a party that needs to shed it’s insider, elite image – why? Because Gillum has been working in politics and in elected office since he was in college. But the Mayor of Tallahassee deserves full marks for coming out of the box in his candidacy for […]