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Express Lane Sept 26: Tampa Bay Hurricane History, Charlie Crist in PR

As the state casts its eye on Ian and the constantly shifting models, one thing remains clear. The Tampa Bay Area which has not been directly hit by a Hurricane since 1921 (1968 if you count Citrus County) is going to get a real dose of what the rest of the state has suffered through. […]

TFS Express Lane September 23: Hurricane models, DeSantis fails Florida history and SD-3 race

Hurricane Irma plowed right up the Florida Peninsula this month, five years ago, leaving 84 Floridians dead and a trail of destruction all over. Now we’re on alert again. Below are the latest runs from the GFS and EURO models, the two most reliable models historically. Note they are more reliable for track than for […]

TFS Express Lane for September 22: Tallahassee goings on, Jason Broduer’s campaign against the media and Al Lawson’s chances

After getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Mayor John Dailey was forced go back on his private promises with City money in recent days in Tallahassee. After investigative reporting showed he had given stakeholders commitments of specific allocations of public dollars at now-infamous meetings that took place at his house, the recommendations […]

TFS Express Lane September 21: Is the Florida GOP a threat to US support for Ukraine, and David Kerner

First off, our Kartik Krishnaiyer has written a piece on Governor DeSantis for The New Republic, one of the premier political & policy publications in the US for generations. Check it out. With Vladimir Putin threatening, not only escalation of the war in Ukraine, but annexation of large swaths of internationally recognized Ukrainian territory, now […]

TFS Endorsements: US House contests

We focus on the four most critical House races in the state (CD 2, CD 13, CD 15 and CD 27) while giving recommendations in several others as well. Since Don Fuqua’s election in 1962, Tallahassee has been at the center of a Congressional District, and while more often than not, the Congressional Representative like […]

TFS Express Lane: DeSantis, Martha’s Vineyard and Antisemitism

Governor DeSantis has gotten the requisite attention he demands for his inhumane stunt of sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, using state funds. For a Governor that thrives on performance-art and defying the norms of democratic republics, he is in his element right now. But questions continues to persist and the controversy is swirling so intensely, […]

TFS Express Lane, September 19: Tallahassee Mayor’s Debate, CFO Patronis Obama tweet, Nikki Fried bringing the heat and a “Dear Leader” Birthday for Florida GOPers

At the first Tallahassee Mayor’s debate of the 2022 general election, John Dailey was every bit the red-faced menace more and more of Tallahassee knows him to be. Practically spitting as he heaved personal invective at his opponent, County Commissioner Kristin Dozier — who came in first place in August, shattering Dailey’s perceived inevitability — […]

TFS Express Lane: Sunday September 18

Welcome to the TFS Express Lane

Beginning Sunday evening, our writers and sources will be giving quick hits through Election Day with thoughts and insights from the trail. The feature will run Sunday-Thursday through November 8. Look for the Express Lane daily, sometime between 6 and 9 pm ET.

TFS supports Orange County Rent Stabilization initiative

Orange County voters have an opportunity on November 8 to help local residents cope with the rapid increase in costs of living in a tangible manner while helping the state’s economy from potential contraction. Florida has seen escalating rent and property insurance costs, which impact Floridians negatively, while insurance companies, landlords and corporations all profiteer […]