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What do some GOP legislators think of Governor DeSantis immigration policies?

Thanks to Thomas Kennedy we have these clips…

Florida’s Day Without Immigrants

By Thomas Kennedy I think we might have seen one of the worst presidential campaign launches in United States history. Ron DeSantis took to Twitter Spaces to make his announcement and it was terrible. Several minutes of silence were broken by the sound of intense microphone feedback as soon as audio began. I literally turned […]

Guest Column: This session intensified Florida’s march toward Plutocracy and Fascism

By Thomas Kennedy A few months ago, I warned that after two decades of uninterrupted GOP rule, the Florida legislature would no longer function as an independent body, but instead serve as a rubber stamp for Ron DeSantis. Unfortunately, lawmakers did exactly that, carrying out what amounted to the most destructive and irresponsible lawmaking period […]

TFS Endorsement: Donna Deegan for Jacksonville Mayor

We don’t really feel the need to explain this endorsement as its plainly obvious why we would make it. But with Jacksonville’s runoff election on Tuesday let’s go through some of the reasons why Donna Deegan must win this election: We strongly recommend a vote for Donna Deegan for Mayor of Jacksonville.

TFS Endorsement: Tampa Councilwoman Lynn Hurtak

The Florida Squeeze is proud to endorse Tampa City Councilwoman Lynn Hurtak in Tampa’s municipal runoff elections! In an election cycle marred by Mayor Jane Castor‘s troubling plays to consolidate power, Councilwoman Hurtak has been a stable source of wise, principled and progressive governance in the Big Guava. After former House Democratic Leader Janet Cruz […]

Guest Column: Nikki Fried is a “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”

By Jordan Zakarin @jordanzakarin Nikki Fried, who wants to take over the Florida Democratic Party, likes to brand herself as “something new.” But what she really represents is the status quo. Actually, she’s far worse than that. Nikki Fried is a corporate lobbyist turned pliant politician, who has a long and well-documented history of siding […]

TFS Endorsement: Annette Taddeo for Florida Democratic Party Chair

Annette Taddeo is the clear choice for Florida Democrats (FDP) Chair. Her candidacy has excited many around the state and united the grassroots in a manner we haven’t seen around prior chair races, which have been contentious and divided the activist community. In the past, we’ve opted not to make endorsements in Chair’s Races, but […]

Guest Column: Ron DeSantis favorite Insurrectionist is now his hype man

By Thomas Kennedy Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is the first influencer to hold statewide public office. Attention-hungry and slow on his feet, the far-right Republican has spent the past four years engaged in a one-way conversation with his base, admitting only friendly conservative and acquiescent reporters to his publicly funded press events. While using Floridians’ […]

DNC member weighs on where Florida Democrats need to go from here

By Thomas Kennedy (article first appeared on Substack @ The Florida Democratic Party thought it hit rock bottom in November 2020 when Donald Trump defeated Joe Biden in Florida by three percentage points, which constituted a landslide in the Sunshine State at the time. That cycle was marred with controversy, most notably a regrettable […]

Guest Column: Where does Tallahassee go from here?

Mike Goldstein The midterm elections are over and now we as a community get to wake up to a group of new and returning elected officials and see what progress will come of it. A lot of words were said leading up to the election and even more promises were made. Here’s a break down […]