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Guest Column: Ron DeSantis favorite Insurrectionist is now his hype man

By Thomas Kennedy Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is the first influencer to hold statewide public office. Attention-hungry and slow on his feet, the far-right Republican has spent the past four years engaged in a one-way conversation with his base, admitting only friendly conservative and acquiescent reporters to his publicly funded press events. While using Floridians’ […]

DNC member weighs on where Florida Democrats need to go from here

By Thomas Kennedy (article first appeared on Substack @ The Florida Democratic Party thought it hit rock bottom in November 2020 when Donald Trump defeated Joe Biden in Florida by three percentage points, which constituted a landslide in the Sunshine State at the time. That cycle was marred with controversy, most notably a regrettable […]

Guest Column: Where does Tallahassee go from here?

Mike Goldstein The midterm elections are over and now we as a community get to wake up to a group of new and returning elected officials and see what progress will come of it. A lot of words were said leading up to the election and even more promises were made. Here’s a break down […]

Express Lane: Democrats make late gains, but is it too little, too late?, Trump v DeSantis, looking back at 1982 for clues about 2022, Storm Nicole.

After almost two weeks of unhindered GOP gains across the state, a mini-surge of Democratic early and vote-by-mail ballots trickled in across the state after about 4 pm Saturday. The Democratic trend continued Sunday to the point where our Dave Trotter’s Nowcast model, is currently showing the Democrats likely entering Election Day in a strong […]

Express Lane: DeSantis as “god’s chosen instrument”, Antisemitism running rampant in DeSantis’ Florida, and latest on VBM/EV numbers

Note: Our writers are all active in campaigns in one form or another, so the timing of this column might be sporadic the next few days. This Ron DeSantis advertisement is about the most offensive one to secular people we have seen in recent Florida history. The irony being, the GOP as our Kartik Krishnaiyer […]

Express Lane: The coming Democrats Florida Senate debacle, Crist’s new ad buy, Orange County rent stabilization update, and our coming series on The Florida Turnpike

Florida Democrats are facing a potential wipe-out electorally on Tuesday – the worst cycle in recent history in terms of the State Senate (yes, Dems fell to 12 seats between 2010 and 2012 but that was after a sustained period sitting on 14 seats). The party which appeared poised to get to 18 or 19 […]

Express Lane: Is Crist’s momentum real? The disloyalty of Marco Rubio and Dems are absolutely being clobbered in Early Voting.

Charlie Crist’s campaign has been touting a poll by The Listener Group, that puts Crist up 7 points over Governor DeSantis. This poll has been touted as evidence of a Crist surge, which at least in terms of fundraising is real (Crist has raised about $2 million since his debate performance last Monday, and that […]

Express Lane: FPL & Tallahassee Special Interests Double Down on John Dailey and Nick Maddox

With so much at stake in Tallahassee’s Mayoral race, we predicted months ago that controversial monopoly utility behemoth Florida Power & Light would intervene hard on behalf of Mayor John Dailey, who’s fighting for his political life after a second-place primary finish against Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier. And here it comes. Days after announcing […]

Express Lane: Dems looking to rally in Early Voting after a week of GOP success; antisemitism rocks Florida with DeSantis seemingly unwilling to condemn it; The good and bad of Chairman Diaz’s endorsements

We’ve never seen such a one-sided week in Florida politics in terms of real ballots cast. The GOP has effectively run the table throughout the state outside of Leon, Pinellas and Alachua Counties in early voting so far. The Democrats have tapped Karla Hernández, the party’s Lieutenant Governor nominee to try and turn things around […]

Express Lane: MES despicable racist TV Ad, DeSantis doesn’t return dirty Khawaja money, continued controversy in the Tallahassee Mayors Race, Dems being clobbered in Central Florida Early Voting

State Senator Annette Taddeo, the Democratic Nominee for Florida’s 27th Congressional District, is hosting press conference today alongside leaders in the Black community following false attacks from María Elvira Salazar and her GOP allies in a television campaign ad claiming a community meeting Senator Taddeo attended in her official capacity as a state senator at Second Baptist […]