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Coronavirus, the US economy and domestic politics

Editors Note: This column has been submitted by an influencer in the state of Florida who wishes to remain anonymous. At this critical time for our state, nation and planet we at TFS are committed to bringing various perspectives into the discussion about public health and our economic future. SARS-CoV-2… You may have heard of […]

Jimmy Carter and the 1976 campaign – Seeking America 1976; One Man’s American Journey

A Florida Squeeze Documentary / Robert Buccellato film – Seeking America 1976 chronicles in just under an hour the campaign of Jimmy Carter for the Democratic Presidential Nomination and race of President in 1976. Coming out of nowhere the former Governor of Georgia became the party’s nominee and President. The first documentary feature produced by […]

A Florida Squeeze Documentary: 1976 Seeking America

On Monday we will release our first documentary, a look at the Jimmy Carter Campaign of 1976. Have a look at the trailer below!

Millennials need to vote Democratic in November

By Robert Buccellato  The Democratic party is a large and fractured institution. To believe these divisions can be quickly mended by a balloon drop at a National Convention is profoundly naive. We are approaching an era when the parents vote for party establishment and the kids vote independently. The 2016 election was a revelation in […]

The legacy of Reubin Askew

It his 84 years few Floridians left a more indelible mark on the states history and political landscape than Reubin Askew.  In this week’s Florida History Podcast we discuss the Askew legacy. The first Florida Governor to serve two consecutive terms, he frequently challenged the special interest groups of the state. Taking to the airwaves […]

Live! Election Day in Florida

We’re calling it a night and working on some analysis for tomorrow! Speak to y’all soon.  11:50 pm EST (Brook Hines): Rick Scott has rushed to claim victory while Nelson is not conceding due to voting issues in south Florida.  11:15 pm EST (Kartik Krishnaiyer): It appears the Democrats will be up to 45 or […]

New TFS series, Hidden Florida debuts this weekend

Here at The Florida Squeeze we’re working hard to diversify the content we have on this site beyond just political and historical commentary about the state. In the coming weeks and months we’ll continue to unveil more items related to life in Florida – not just politics and history but other items as well. A […]