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TFS Endorsement – Annette Taddeo for Congress, Democratic Primary CD-27

Thanks to Governor DeSantis unprecedented foray into the state’s redistricting process, in 2022 Congressional candidates are running on a map that is not only a partisan gerrymander – but has cut competitive seats in the state effectively to just one. That one seat is CD-27, currently held by first term GOPer Maria Elvira Salazar. We […]

TFS Endorsement – Will Crowley for Leon County Commission

Leon County’s second district is known for its rustic settings and unique electoral makeup. One of the only areas in the county with both strong GOP and Democratic presences, its sudden vacancy has made for an intriguing, yet solemn battleground. It was a place where the late Commissioner Jimbo Jackson long thrived and built a […]

A former Commissioner weighs in on Tallahassee’s broken governance

Editors note: We’re privileged to have this submission from former Tallahassee Commissioner Debbie Lightsey, whose experience on the Commission dates back to the days of the Mayor-Commissioner setup. By Debbie Lightsey I’m very concerned with a trend we are witnessing in local government, away from practices of the days when Tallahassee had an international reputation […]

TFS Endorsement – Kristin Dozier for Tallahassee Mayor

First elected to the Leon County Commission in November 2010, Kristin Dozier is currently serving her third term as a Leon County Commissioner representing District 5. She is now running for Mayor of Tallahassee seeing broad discontent in Mayor John Dailey’s leadership of Florida’s Capital city. Many of us who were privately critical of Andrew […]

TFS Endorsement – Jeremy Matlow, Tallahassee Commission Seat 3

First elected in 2018, Tallahassee City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow is completing his first term in Seat 3. Simply put: the election for Tallahassee City Commission Seat 3 is a matchup between a very good candidate who has served the public well, in Commissioner Jeremy Matlow, and the very worst kind of candidate in Dr. David […]

TFS 2022 Endorsements – we start in Tallahassee

At the Florida Squeeze, we pride ourselves on not only reporting but advocating progressive politics in the sunshine state. Given the unprecedented nature of Florida and national politics currently, we are more aggressively making endorsements this cycle. We will endorse progressive candidates that we feel perfectly embodied their respective communities and who seek public service […]

Editorial: Remember in November that Florida GOPers mean what they say

For years, a debate has circulated among opinion leaders in this state. Do elected GOPers really intend to end access to reproductive rights in this state? Are they really homophobic? Do they really have an issue with talking about this nation’s past racism? The assumption had often been that the GOP uses these provocative hot-button […]

Accounts from Ukraine – The Nursing Home

THE NURSING HOME “I know what to do: start stockpiling food”, said Ivan Oleksandrovich, a Second World War survivor who lived in the nursing home near Vasylkiv, when the Russia-Ukrainian war started. Maryna, owner of the Vasylkiv Nursing Home, was awakened at 4:30 AM by the sound of five gunshots. She rushed to check on […]

Accounts from Ukraine – a family faces the Russian invasion

Editors note – in the coming days we’ll be running several of these. They are NOT proprietary and while people on the ground are in touch with us, the goal is to get as much information in the form of human accounts out as possible. Feel free to share, reports, republish, etc. In a couple […]

Say Gay week at TFS – the DeSantis agenda of dividing Floridians must be countered

Don’t be shy and don’t fall into the trap of the DeSantis Republicans whose goal is to divide Floridians, by turning neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend and family member against family member. As with Covid, where DeSantis’ strategy was to divide people and break our Florida community (which he was successful at doing) and […]