Guest Column: Where does Tallahassee go from here?

Mike Goldstein

The midterm elections are over and now we as a community get to wake up to a group of new and returning elected officials and see what progress will come of it. A lot of words were said leading up to the election and even more promises were made. Here’s a break down of the local commissioners that are with us until the next election:

Leon County Commissioner At Large Nick Maddox won his run off against Josh Johnson. Let’s see if he keeps his word on cleaning up the streets and can come away from his Boys and Girls Club scandal unscathed.

Leon County County Commissioner Bill Proctor can’t seem to lose despite being in office long enough for multiple generations of Southside residents to live through it.

Christian Caban won his run off against Hannah Crow to replace The Late County Commissioner Jimbo Jackson. Both were new to politics and still interesting candidates in the arena.

County Commissioner Rick Minor won the primary after changing his vote on the heated Doak Campbell Blueprint vote.

David O’Keefe won his run off against Paula DeBoles Johnson and both of them ran clean campaigns. They should be commended for that.

City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow retained his seat against a Talchamber heavy opponent in Dr. David Bellamy. Bellamy admitted in his concession speech that he didn’t know when he would actually have time to do the job of City Commissioner if the did in fact win!

Mayor John Dailey won his run off against former County Commissioner Kristin Dozier who ran after residents urged her too after the Blueprint Doak Donation fiasco. The Mayor could take some time to temper his enthusiasm and etiquette for this term in my opinion.

City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox won the primary against two first time candidates but I don’t thinks it’s the last we have seen of them in the community.

Whatever happens until the next election let’s hope we as a community can move past the election divide and be a better culture going forward.

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  1. Brian Lupiani · ·

    I fully expect John Dailey to be even more arrogant, even more thin-skinned, even more vindictive, and even more of a bully. It would be nice to be wrong.


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