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Guest Column: Where does Tallahassee go from here?

Mike Goldstein The midterm elections are over and now we as a community get to wake up to a group of new and returning elected officials and see what progress will come of it. A lot of words were said leading up to the election and even more promises were made. Here’s a break down […]

Express Lane: FPL & Tallahassee Special Interests Double Down on John Dailey and Nick Maddox

With so much at stake in Tallahassee’s Mayoral race, we predicted months ago that controversial monopoly utility behemoth Florida Power & Light would intervene hard on behalf of Mayor John Dailey, who’s fighting for his political life after a second-place primary finish against Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier. And here it comes. Days after announcing […]

Express Lane: Voter Suppression — It’s Happening; John Dailey’s “October Surprise” Redux; Josh Johnson Surging in Key Leon Matchup

As Democratic activists since the 1990’s , we have always feared a major inside push to dis-enfranchise voters — particularly Black voters — beyond the usual nefarious games that are played in state legislation making it more difficult for everyone to vote. What we’re seeing today in Florida across the state, as voters are voting, […]

TFS Express Lane, September 19: Tallahassee Mayor’s Debate, CFO Patronis Obama tweet, Nikki Fried bringing the heat and a “Dear Leader” Birthday for Florida GOPers

At the first Tallahassee Mayor’s debate of the 2022 general election, John Dailey was every bit the red-faced menace more and more of Tallahassee knows him to be. Practically spitting as he heaved personal invective at his opponent, County Commissioner Kristin Dozier — who came in first place in August, shattering Dailey’s perceived inevitability — […]

Guest Column — Donna Pearl Cotterell: 24 Years is Enough

When Leon County District 1 was created through landmark civil rights litigation, no one expected one man to represent it for seven consecutive terms. Especially not one who doesn’t live here, and has become a vote for the big establishment special interests. Longtime incumbent Bill Proctor has overseen a tripling of the poverty rate to […]

Grow Tallahassee: An Extreme Right-Wing Takeover Looms in Florida’s Capital

The Florida Squeeze has been extensively covering this year’s Tallahassee local elections, where a people-powered movement for reform is being met by a backlash from hard right developer and special interest forces taking their intervention in elections to unprecedented heights. But with an extreme hate group playing aggressively in several campaigns, the stakes are now […]

Tallahassee in transition

There is something wonderful about not knowing what’s ahead until you’re there. More than any other species on this planet, humans are in a unique position as we only tend to see one portion of our lives at a time. It’s anyone’s guess how things can and will unfold. We usually have no perspective of […]

Will Crowley is a breath of fresh air

It’s Sunday morning in Tallahassee, and the entire populace of the community is being pulled in a variety of different directions. Families on their way to church or the city’s endless parks. Brunch is being served at midtown, the pool on top of the Double Tree hotel located downtown is growing crowded, and the streets […]

Guest Column — Ryan Ray: David Bellamy’s Negative Approach is Wrong for Tallahassee

David Bellamy’s campaign is charting new lows for exactly what people hate most in politics: misleading personal attacks funded by special interests.  Tallahasseeans have doubtless noticed it. Angry mailers in red and black, yard signs aggressively littering our public rights-of-way placed by sketchy paid operatives, and a bitter Washington, D.C.-style television campaign featuring harsh personal […]

A sit down with Damon Victor

“Why on earth would you want to take that job?! You do so much good in the world already?” That’s a frequent question that has greeted the smiling face of Damon Victor throughout his campaign to replace incumbent Rick Minor as the new Leon County Commissioner for district three. It’s a common question that usually […]