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Will Crowley is a breath of fresh air

It’s Sunday morning in Tallahassee, and the entire populace of the community is being pulled in a variety of different directions. Families on their way to church or the city’s endless parks. Brunch is being served at midtown, the pool on top of the Double Tree hotel located downtown is growing crowded, and the streets […]

A History of Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District – Part 2, going to the Florida Legislature

Now with the land secured and enough financing to ensure that Walt Disney World would open entirely debt-free Roy Disney and the company‘s general counsel Dick Morris began work on the next phase of the Florida Project. A full-on charm offensive on the Florida legislature. The companies’ appetite for expansion had grown with the eating […]

A History of Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District, Part 1

Editors note: With the recent efforts of Governor DeSantis and the majority party in the legislature to end Disney’s special taxing and governance district, in the next week we will be examining the history of the Reedy Creek Improvement District  It all started with a Mouse…and an Improvement District.  When it is clear out you […]

A sit down with Damon Victor

“Why on earth would you want to take that job?! You do so much good in the world already?” That’s a frequent question that has greeted the smiling face of Damon Victor throughout his campaign to replace incumbent Rick Minor as the new Leon County Commissioner for district three. It’s a common question that usually […]

A man, his bike and our stadium

Tallahassee is truly a beautiful place to live and raise a family. While at first glance it may seem like a sleepy town surrounded by governmental structures and three universities; once you dig a bit closer it’s obvious just how many amazing things take place in our fair city. It is a place of community […]

Interview with Josh Johnson, candidate for Leon County Commission

“Most important for me is the lack of trust in the process,” the kind and passionate voice over the phone says to me as I feverously write down my notes. I’m excited by the news that the caller Josh Johnson is running for county commission, but I note that he seems to always run against […]

A tale of two commissioners in Tallahassee

There is a word that has been used in Tallahassee lately, civility, and it’s become something of a catch phrase for embattled establishment candidates like Mayor John Dailey. The Mayor uses it like a weapon to point at the extremism of his opponents, two of whom are members of his own city commission, members who […]

It is Progressive summer in Tallahassee

By Robert Buccellato I’ve lived in Tallahassee for 25 years, been surrounded by politics my whole life, and this has never happened here before. Its an incredibly hot summer night in Tallahassee, the meeting place is the front of the famed restaurant Andrews, situated next to both the City Hall and the State Capitol complex. […]

RIP Jim Williams – Florida political legend

Editors note: Jim Williams former Florida LT. Gov who made his name by courageously opposing the Cross Florida Barge Canal passed away in December. By Robert Buccellato Jim Williams was my friend. I can’t claim that I was the nearest or the dearest to him. But, we got along very well during the three and a half […]