Express Lane: Voter Suppression — It’s Happening; John Dailey’s “October Surprise” Redux; Josh Johnson Surging in Key Leon Matchup

As Democratic activists since the 1990’s , we have always feared a major inside push to dis-enfranchise voters — particularly Black voters — beyond the usual nefarious games that are played in state legislation making it more difficult for everyone to vote.

What we’re seeing today in Florida across the state, as voters are voting, is an unprecedented affront: Republican operatives at the county level challenging ballot signatures at their Supervisors of Elections offices, after the ballots are cast. This insidious approach to throwing out legal ballots is targeting majority-Democratic precincts across the state by RPOF and local Republican affiliates, emboldened by Gov. Ron DeSantis’ “election integrity/security” efforts.

We will be writing more about this tomorrow. This relatively new Democratic voter suppression technique sets in stark contrast everything that’s at stake in this absolutely crucial election in the life and history of our state.

Second-place August Mayoral primary finisher John Dailey continues his awkward attempt to run away from his record, political career and history by embracing an endorsement by Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor.

Both men were endorsed by right-wing, developer-funded hate group Grow Tallahassee and have benefitted richly from bundled campaign checks from the local Chamber, FSU Boosters, and real estate/developer establishment special interests Proctor has referred to as “the Bigs” in the past.

With the Mayor’s office slipping away from Dailey amid popular outrage about the indefensible Doak stadium deal — opposed by at least 2/3 of Tallahassee voters across all demographics — an increasingly desperate Dailey seeking the support of his arch-nemesis has sent eyes rolling across the Capital City.

As some Twitter observers noted, the endorsement appeared on official Leon County letterhead, a clear violation of local electioneering rules and state election laws prohibiting taxpayer local government resources being used for campaign purposes.

Between Dailey doubling down on discredited attacks on Commissioner Kristin Dozier — paid for by big developers, FSU Boosters and the worst Scott Maddox-era actors in local politics — it’s no surprise the “business as usual” crowd is working overtime to keep their corrupt City machine narrowly clinging to power.

On a more positive note, County Commission candidate Josh Johnson is lighting up the Capital City’s electoral stage with an impressive new raft of endorsements — all from powerful women validators.

City Commissioner Jack Porter, former Mayor Debbie Lightsey, and activist and former County Commission candidate Donna Cotterell all stood with Johnson ahead of his winning performance at their first debate of the General Election cycle, as did Leon County Soil & Water Supervisor Tabitha Frazier and longtime women’s rights champion Barbara DeVane with the National Organization of Women and host of others.

As longtime Commissioner Nick Maddox runs out of gas amid sexual misconduct allegations which forced him to resign from his most recent outside employment and an embarrassing, fraudulent non-endorsement sent out by his campaign last week, folks around the state are beginning to brace for a big loss for the broken status quo establishment in Leon County.

TFS was proud to endorse Josh Johnson in this race and we look forward to this great momentum translating to success at the ballot box. Check out our widely read endorsement write-up here!


  1. Women Vote · ·

    I heard the Nick Maddox Boys & Girls Club stuff is way worse than what’s been reported so far. He is rumored to have exposed himself to an employee before being fired.

    Nick Maddox is out of control and has acted completely disqualifyingly


  2. Steve Schneider · ·

    I got a mailer from Gov. DeSantis. It told this Broward County resident to vote by mail.

    But The Florida Squeeze warns that Republicans are going to challenge vbm signatures in Democratic areas.

    Is this a sophisticated one two punches? Or coincidence?


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