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Express Lane: Some context on Democrats 20 + years of futility in Florida; Crist headed to Lee County tomorrow

Florida has for twenty years been a red state even if elections of US Senate and President indicated it was purplish. At the state level, Democrats were last competitive in the late 1990’s. Here are some real eye-popping stats: So it can be argued what appears to be happening here since 2016 is the top-of-the-ticket […]

Express Lane: VBM numbers indicate that Florida Democrats up against it on multiple fronts

Note: The Express Lane will run early today, as we have a space on Twitter at 3pm to discuss everything that is happening Facing an increasingly popular incumbent governor in Ron DeSantis, Florida Democrats have to be alarmed looking at VBM return numbers thus far from across the state, outside of Palm Beach, Leon and […]

Jacksonville City Council Maps Thrown Out; Latest Ian fatality counts by county

On October 12th, Judge Marcia Morales Howard issued a stay on the City of Jacksonville’s municipal lines, effectively meaning the maps cannot be used in the 2023 election cycle.  The suit brought by the ACLU, NAACP, the Northside Coalition and others alleges that the city illegally, Intentionally, packed black voters into four districts solely based […]

Express Lane: VBM numbers favor GOP early – but Palm Beach really cooking for the Democrats; Ian forces DeSantis to make election changes in certain counties

We’re now almost two weeks into the vote-by-mail distribution in several counties and the GOP appears in a more favorable position when compared to 2018 and 2020, both years they won at the top-of-the-ticket in the state. Thus far, with about 400,000 votes in statewide, the GOP is beginning to benefit from ballots that are […]

Express Lane: GOP voter suppression, Crist’s comeback efforts and early VBM thoughts

GOPers have used the “big lie” to gum up the works so much that they passed SB 90 in 2021, a piece of legislation that effectively discriminates against older voters and minority communities by allowing partisan observers to challenge signatures on VBM ballots. What we’re seeing today in Florida across the state, as voters are […]

Express Lane: Voter Suppression — It’s Happening; John Dailey’s “October Surprise” Redux; Josh Johnson Surging in Key Leon Matchup

As Democratic activists since the 1990’s , we have always feared a major inside push to dis-enfranchise voters — particularly Black voters — beyond the usual nefarious games that are played in state legislation making it more difficult for everyone to vote. What we’re seeing today in Florida across the state, as voters are voting, […]

TFS Endorsements – State Senate

Bolded are what we consider key races 1- Charlie Nichols 2- Carolynn Zonia 3- Loranne Ausley 4- Sharmin Smith 5- Tracie Davis 8- Andrea Williams 9- Rodney Long 10- Joy Marcil-Goff 11- Brian Patrick Moore 12- Veysel Dokur 13- Stephanie Dukes 14- Janet Cruz 16- Darrel Rouson 17- Linda Stewart 18- Eunic Ortiz 21- Amaro […]

The Express Lane: With book closing day tomorrow, It’s voter registration, stupid

On yesterday’s TFS Twitter Space, conversations about Hurricane Ian and the Crist and Demings campaigns we ended up moving on to a topic which defines the malaise of Florida Democrats – voter registration. The GOP surge in voter registration relative to Democrats in the state over the course of the last two years has been […]

Twitter Space Sunday 4:30 pm ET- Hurricane Ian and its impact on Florida politics

TFS School Board Endorsements

BrevardErin Dunn, District 2 BrowardSteven R. Julian District 6 Dr. Allen Zeman AT LARGE EscambiaRaymond Guillory District 2 Flagler Courtney VandeBunte District 2 HernandoCatherine Hatch District 1 Indian RiverCindy Gibbs District 2 LeeKathy Fanny District 1 Debbie Jordan District 4 Leon Alex Stemle District 4 ManateeHarold Byrd District 2 OrangeMichael Daniels District 3 Osceola Will […]