Express Lane: Tallahassee Round-up! Manny Diaz’s Bizarre Mayoral Endorsement; Grow Tallahassee Strikes Again for Scandal-Plagued Nick Maddox

Today has been a wild one for those following Leon County politics.

Florida political observers of all stripes are closely watching Tallahassee local elections, where a discredited, unpopular status quo led by Mayor John Dailey is facing a challenge from a dynamic movement for common-sense grassroots reform.

The Chair of the Florida Democratic Party Manny Diaz — who should be focused on massive state elections that could give Gov. Ron DeSantis a path to the White House and the GOP a state senate supermajority — has decided to try to put his thumb on the scale for the wrong side of history in Tallahassee.

In a now-deleted Tweet, Diaz smuggled a very bad Dailey endorsement in with some good endorsements which he has been making all cycle in local races. H/T to Thomas Kennedy:

Also in Tallahassee-Leon County, the developer-backed right-wing special interest group with a penchant for hate speech Grow Tallahassee has also come back out of hiding after getting crushed by 12 points in the David Bellamy-Jeremy Matlow City Commission Seat 3 contest in August.

Notably, they are backing scandal-plagued Doak giveaway supporter Commissioner Nick Maddox, who is facing a likely defeat after being disgraced by sexual misconduct allegations which he does not deny, and which precipitated his abrupt resignation from the Boys & Girls Club of the Big Bend.

Check out our widely-read story on the Grow Tallahassee menace — funded by developers and Ron DeSantis political appointees — below! The piece is now more ripe than ever for re-reading as Mayor Dailey continues to pursue an undemocratic Commission-packing and City districting plan that would consolidate his own power.

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  1. Teresa Wells · ·

    I’m on the fence about the Manny Diaz thing until we hear from him. There is speculation it may have happened at the Mayor’s request following a tragedy many months ago involving a member of the Diaz family right here in Tallahassee where the Mayor may have been the primary contact. Might be tough to say no under those circumstances, yet it’s possible it was deleted when previously unknown info on the Mayor’s behavior was brought to Manny Diaz’ attention.


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