Rent stabilization issue gaining traction as Governor Crist weighs in

In Orange County, the Rent Stabilization measure we at TFS have endorsed is facing strong opposition from the Realtors PAC and landlords association, who have hit voters with SIX mailers already. Florida’s cost-of-living crisis which has only worsened in the weeks since Hurricane Ian made landfall can be remedied if public officials did their jobs. Thankfully, in Orange County, voters have a chance to make a change directly.

Affordable housing is a key issue in the state and the rent stabilization measure on the ballot in Orange, is temporary and will absolutely give families breathing room. Right now, in the Orlando Metropolitan Area, the average rent is outpacing wages, and nothing indicates wages will be more-in-line with the cost-of-living anytime soon. So stabilization is the only way forward.

Florida is now the most unaffordable state in the nation and yet landlords and realtors in alliance with high-end lobbyists and political consultants are waging a campaign of fear and demagoguery to defeat the measure. But of course the crisis goes beyond Orange County.

Former Governor Charlie Crist, the Democratic nominee for governor of Florida, scorched Ron DeSantis for failing to protect renters following recent investigative reporting that shows how widely used price-fixing software for rental properties is fueling Florida’s affordability crisis.

“Florida’s renters are under attack,” said Crist. “If you’re feeling gouged under this governor, it’s not in your head. Ron’s Wall Street friends are colluding to push rents through the roof and he is too distracted by extreme culture wars and banning abortion to do a single thing about it. Ron’s failure to act to protect renters from widespread, illegal behavior is unconscionable. You deserve a governor who will enforce the law against corrupt collusion jacking up your rent. Having served as Attorney General and Governor, I’ve taken on price gougers – and won.”

On average, Floridians are paying more than $700 in additional rent every month since DeSantis took office, along with the fastest increases in the nation.

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