Express Lane: Grow Tallahassee at it again, Democrats target the panhandle and Crist fundraising

What’s wrong with this ad from right-wing Grow Tallahassee? Well everything.

First off both Dream Defenders and Florida Rising are grassroots organizations born and breed in Florida. They are not “national progressives.” Secondly, “embracing” endorsements from grassroots-oriented membership organizations should be a fundamental part of running for local office.

Mayor John Dailey has had no qualms embracing business-friendly right-wing endorsement, so why should Kristin Dozier reject those of grassroots activists?

The vision of many Dailey backers is to build a city that resembles Florida’s other urban areas, where transactional Democrats keep company with chamber-of-commerce GOPers working to pave over any green space, and screw over community organizations and local residents. That’s not Tallahassee, and ultimately voters may very well decide to eject Dailey and elected Kristin Dozier as a result.

Florida Democrats have chosen to make a stand – in the Panhandle.

Democrats are hitting rural counties in SD-3/CD-2 with 35 events in 5 days . Meanwhile Lt Governor nominee Karla Hernández is in Quincy today. Democrats are seeing momentum in the panhandle as our Dave Trotter’s Nowcast model is echoing so far the momentum Democrats are reporting to us on the potential swing happening. This is great news for the party, and Senator Loranne Ausley as well as Congressman Al Lawson.

But not to rain on anyone’s parade, but Pasco County alone (and Brevard alone and Volusia alone) has more residents than all the of SD-3, and Lee County has more residents than all of CD-2. It’s great Democrats are trying to engage in areas recently lost, but they might just get more bang for their buck if they paid a little attention to the fastest growing places in the state, areas whose population numbers may astound some Democratic operatives who wrongly assume they are rural areas.

Also this is happening while we have Democratic candidates, up and the ballot here in Florida, literally begging for money to avoid cancelling mailers and digital ad buys. Yes, the situation is that bad, even if you don’t see that on Twitter, MSNBC or CNN, many candidates in this state are literally rubbing pennies together to stay viable.

Charlie Crist has made a hard pivot to economic issues after raising $500,000 after a decisive debate performance. This is great news and it’s backed by a snazzy new ad, a seven figure ad by that will air in several media markets beginning today. Crist’s the genuine article when it comes to fighting for Floridians, and his recent statements as well as media buys have sought to remind Floridians of that. Is it too little, too late? Maybe, but it’s also quite possibly a way of motivating the many VBM voters who seem to be holding their ballots to cast them for Crist.

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