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In unhinged rant, DeSantis claims Biden should be given “honorary membership” in drug cartels

Governor Ron DeSantis demagoguery on immigration and the southern border reached a new low on Wednesday as he said President Biden should have “honorary membership” in drug cartels as part of a longer diatribe about a number of cultural issues. The line was another incendiary flash point in a longer rant about immigration, “woke” corporations, […]

Donald Trump speech being used to promote USA v Mexico game by FOX

Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric has made tomorrow night’s USA v Mexico winner-take-all CONCACAF Cup match an even higher stakes deal. ┬áThat’s thanks both to Trump, and FOX Sports who have decided to use the speech to promote tomorrow’s game. The temperature is already super high as I can personally attest to around this match so […]