Donald Trump speech being used to promote USA v Mexico game by FOX

trump2Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric has made tomorrow night’s USA v Mexico winner-take-all CONCACAF Cup match an even higher stakes deal.  That’s thanks both to Trump, and FOX Sports who have decided to use the speech to promote tomorrow’s game. The temperature is already super high as I can personally attest to around this match so FOX Sports’ decision could make the kitchen overheat so to speak.

While I believe a majority of fans of the United States Men’s National Team reject the rhetoric and immigration-related views of Mr. Trump, many Mexican-American might view this game as even more important because of it. FOX Sports decision to create the ad has no parallel that I can recall in major post-Cold War US television sports.

Our friends at Deadspin didn’t care for the ad, and they make several interesting points. Judge for yourself below:




  1. Tampa Bay Demo · · Reply

    It’s FOX! Did you expect any different???


  2. patrianakos · · Reply

    If FOX had a sense of humor, they wouldn’t be FOX. But it’s still just a game of futbol.


  3. Holy Shit! This is a real ad! I thought it was just a tasteless Twitter joke.


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