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The GOP and Conservative media’s Dr. Fauci obsession is just diabolical

The right-wing media and GOP love nothing more than having a strawman to beat up on as they frame elections as a battle between “real Americans,” and fear of the other. Dr. Anthony Fauci is the latest in a long-line of right-wing bogeymen, but has a unique career path compared to the most recent prior […]

Explanation to readers for my use of the term socialism to describe Florida Republicans and other notes on Democratic messaging

Yesterday, I penned an article arguing this week’s legislative session was about Republicans pushing their own version of socialism regarding COVID, which in my opinion has been a constant theme of the formerly conservative GOP since Donald Trump’s election in 2016. The use of the term socialism set off a firestorm on my phone, but […]

Special Session: Florida Republicans very own Socialism week

Republicans just love calling President Joe Biden a “socialist.” Democrats who could easily point to President Donald Trump’s own record of “socialist” views and actions in how he turned government into a repository of subsidies for groups and industries that supported him, opt not to do so for whatever reason (perhaps it’s because some young […]

Aer Lingus launching Orlando-Manchester next month, special CES flights on United and other Florida airline news

A slow week in terms of commercial aviation but a few development of note: Spirit Airlines is experiencing great numbers in Miami, a station they opened just last month and will fly Miami-Hartford/Springfield, Minneapolis/St Paul and Raleigh/Durham this winter. All three routes were flown from Spirit’s primary base in Fort Lauderdale but appear as of […]

NPR: A look into the “grassroots” groups opposing masks , vaccines and CRT

A great piece from NPR looking deep into the groups that are funded by national interests but stir up local trouble for School Boards on a number of cultural hot-button issues including vaccines, masks and Critical Race Theory (CRT). These groups aren’t organic or in any manner a manifestation of grassroots sentiment. They are as […]

DeSantis imports to the state are what is really treading on Florida

Last week, Governor DeSantis unveiled a new way to raise money – selling “don’t tread on Florida” bumper stickers and flags. Not so ironically the biggest promoters of these items were outside of DeSantis himself, non-Floridians. Regular readers of this site will know that for years, I have harped on how I believe GOP economic […]

The US Senate: Minority rule is the rule

A few weeks back I dove into re-reading Robert Caro’s masterful biographical series on Lyndon Johnson. Much of the analysis of Caro’s series has focused on his second book in the series, Means of Ascent which was published in 1990 and detailed the shenanigans 1948 US Senate Primary in Texas which LBJ won by 87 […]

DeSantis Special Session move intensifies his war on the private sector and local governments

On Thursday, Governor DeSantis intensified his war on private industry and local government while deepening his alliance with anti-vaccine and anti-mask forces. Among the proposals DeSantis wants to see per The Miami Herald. A proposal making businesses liable for any medical harm that results from a mandatory vaccination A measure allowing parents to collect attorney’s […]

Flights resuming as Florida’s COVID situation improves

Eurowings Discover will begin thrice-weekly Frankurt-Fort Myers nonstops in May. Daytona Beach will get holiday time nonstops on American to Dallas/Fort Worth and Philadelphia. Both flights run from December 16 through January 3. JetBlue will not restart Fort Lauderdale-Seattle nonstops until February. Elite Airways will launch St Augustine to Newark service twice a week, beginning […]

Florida Department of Education letter to US Department of Education

Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran has sent an angry letter to the US Department of Education regarding the feds sending money to Florida school districts that have mask mandates being impacted by the DOE’s cutting of funds.