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Axios: Miami Mayor Francis Suarez weighing Presidential bid

Some smart south Florida pols have told me this for over a year, and I always laughed it off. Well, Axios is now reporting in detail on Suarez’s plans. Link – Suarez is a bit of an odd duck, but maybe a ready made candidate. A GOPer, he’s played more TV pitchman to promote […]

Avelo Airlines growing Florida presence

Avelo Airlines, an ultra-low cost carrier (ULCC) which in 2021 launched service from six Florida cities to New Haven, launched an Orlando base earlier this year. Now Avelo is launching new services from Orlando to Lexington, Kalamazoo, Lansing and Newport News. Tampa will get new flights to Lexington and Fort Lauderdale gets new flights to […]

TFS Endorsement – Brandon Peters for State Representative

The inability of the Democratic Party to find attractive candidates, attune to local issues in critical swing districts has been something that has made state legislative seats less competitive, and ultimately led to the erosion of the democratic process in this state. Two-party competition is critical for democracy, and time and again, despite the best […]

A former Commissioner weighs in on Tallahassee’s broken governance

Editors note: We’re privileged to have this submission from former Tallahassee Commissioner Debbie Lightsey, whose experience on the Commission dates back to the days of the Mayor-Commissioner setup. By Debbie Lightsey I’m very concerned with a trend we are witnessing in local government, away from practices of the days when Tallahassee had an international reputation […]

The US War of Independence in West Florida

In honor of the July 4th weekend, we’re running four days of content about the American Revolution in Florida. PODCASTS ON THE WAR IN WAST FLORIDA: 1-we focus on the the push to liberate West Florida. 2- The Liberation of Pensacola For years it was ignored by history books, but recently scholars of the revolution […]

The modern history of the Florida GOP – part 1

In today’s Florida History Podcast, we discuss the modern history of the Florida GOP from the 1950’s until the Jeb Bush era. A party that had distinct moderate and conservative wings and also had the pressure of former segregationist Democrats moving into the party, clashing with traditional GOPers, most of whom were pro-environment, temperamentally moderate […]

Hey, Florida, it’s time to mask up again

Covid trends are not encouraging in the state. Over the last week, Florida has averaged 9,552 new cases. While vaccines have been talked about by public officials (except by Governor DeSantis and his team who abruptly went from pro-vaccine to anti-vaccine, when it was clearly a political advantage to flip), masking remains the most non-obtrusive […]

In unhinged rant, DeSantis claims Biden should be given “honorary membership” in drug cartels

Governor Ron DeSantis demagoguery on immigration and the southern border reached a new low on Wednesday as he said President Biden should have “honorary membership” in drug cartels as part of a longer diatribe about a number of cultural issues. The line was another incendiary flash point in a longer rant about immigration, “woke” corporations, […]

As the US passes a 1,000,000 Covid deaths, Florida continues to fare poorly

The US passed a grim milestone this week – 1,000,000 deaths from COVID-19. It was hardly noticed as “Covid fatigue” has led to people ripping their masks off and partying like it’s 2019. In Florida, that’s been an official policy pushed by the Governor DeSantis and his acolytes. “Live and let live,” while giving a […]

My new (attempt at a) masterclass on Indian Independence #Indiaat75

It’s not about Florida but figured I will mention it here – I’ve begun recording what I hope will be an informative lecture series on India at 75. India became independent of the British Empire on August 15, 1947. Below is the Introduction. The first full on lecture (about 10-15 minutes for each lecture) will […]