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In unhinged rant, DeSantis claims Biden should be given “honorary membership” in drug cartels

Governor Ron DeSantis demagoguery on immigration and the southern border reached a new low on Wednesday as he said President Biden should have “honorary membership” in drug cartels as part of a longer diatribe about a number of cultural issues. The line was another incendiary flash point in a longer rant about immigration, “woke” corporations, […]

As the US passes a 1,000,000 Covid deaths, Florida continues to fare poorly

The US passed a grim milestone this week – 1,000,000 deaths from COVID-19. It was hardly noticed as “Covid fatigue” has led to people ripping their masks off and partying like it’s 2019. In Florida, that’s been an official policy pushed by the Governor DeSantis and his acolytes. “Live and let live,” while giving a […]

My new (attempt at a) masterclass on Indian Independence #Indiaat75

It’s not about Florida but figured I will mention it here – I’ve begun recording what I hope will be an informative lecture series on India at 75. India became independent of the British Empire on August 15, 1947. Below is the Introduction. The first full on lecture (about 10-15 minutes for each lecture) will […]

Florida Democrats decline and collapse vote-wise 1998-2020: A Twitter Space inspired by this past week’s Miami Herald piece

We’re doing a Twitter Space on Monday at 5:15 pm ET in reaction to this week’s outstanding Miami Herald piece on why national donors are hesitating to put more money into Florida after several cycles of striking out.

Florida’s post-vaccine Covid failure in comparison to other states. Dana Milbank asks how Does Ron DeSantis sleep at night? We’ve been wondering as well…

Governor DeSantis unwillingness to promote vaccines once it became politically inconvenient for him had deadly consequences for Floridians. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank broke down Governor DeSantis’ post-July 1st, 2021 Covid failures in a brilliant piece earlier this week. After vaccines became widely-available, Florida had a 153 deaths per 100,000 residents. This was more than […]

DeSantis Congressional map makes war on Tallahassee and Leon County

This past week, as I spoke to folks of importance in Tallahassee and Leon County Government, a reality dawned upon me. Governor Ron DeSantis congressional map proposal, an unprecedented foray into the reapportionment process for a Florida Governor, isn’t just about partisanship or race as had been claimed, but about something else – dismembering the […]

Audio (free access): On Joe Rogan and far left/right convergence on anti-authority

Dave Trotter and Kartik Krishnaiyer discuss the growing issue of support anti-authority and anti-expertise voices on both the far left and far right. This is highlighted by the Joe Rogan situation. This is the type of content we provide on TFS+ regularly.

Cuts escalating as travel flatlines due to Omicron

First the good news, Delta will add Destin/Fort Walton Beach-New York-LaGuardia nonstops in March, the same month United shuts down its service to the airport completely. Frontier is moving Chicago-O’Hare nonstops to Tampa over to Midway Airport and dropping O’Hare-Miami nonstops immediately and adding Midway-Fort Lauderdale in its place next winter. Breeze will be placing […]

Video: MLK Jr. in St Augustine – Andrew Young Crossing

Video: Shark Valley Alligator on trail