The US War of Independence in West Florida

In honor of the July 4th weekend, we’re running four days of content about the American Revolution in Florida.


1-we focus on the the push to liberate West Florida.

2- The Liberation of Pensacola

For years it was ignored by history books, but recently scholars of the revolution have begun to emphasize the importance of fighting along the Gulf Coast of North America in discussions about the later years of the Revolutionary War.  The campaign conducted by Spain and the Continental Army against British West Florida. Note that our entire narrative takes place on what are now parts of other states but were governed by the British as part of their colony of West Florida. Additionally, the campaign’s goal was to take Pensacola, but needed to liberate British held locales between the Mississippi River and thew West Florida capital city.

In March 1781, The Spanish launched a siege against Pensacola. Gálvez had close to 20,000 troops at his disposal including about 2,500 French troops. The British defended the city with only about 2,000 troops and Native Americans.

The Spanish began a siege to the fortified town on March 9. During the siege periodic attacks of Spanish forces by British regulars or Native American allies would take place, but all were beaten back.

The British and their native American allies were defeated after two months, surrendering the town on May 8.

The entirety of West Florida fell into Spanish hands by the end of May 1781. However, East Florida continued to be secure and a militarized protector of the British possessions in the Caribbean which were facing potential French attack during the final phase of the Revolutionary War.


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    I know you Libs hate America and are boycotting the 4th.

    You have done something even more treasonous.

    These last few days you are writing pieces that support the British. You are justifying the English side in our revolution!

    Stop hiding behind Florida siding with the English as justification to support the English!

    You deserve credit. Instead of acting like your other whiny Lib buddies burning the American flag today and trashing the country you have creatively found a way to trash this country and promote England.

    This is why CRT is so dangerous. People like you, crazy deranged anti-American libs can revise history to fit the communist narrative .

    You are saying the English side was the right side in the war.

    You should be locked up for this.


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