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Dr. Fauci is the new Ted Kennedy / Hillary Clinton for the right

The GOP has for the last fifty years always had a bogeyman they link Democratic candidates to. The list reads Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Howard Metzenbaum, Jesse Jackson, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and most recently Kamala Harris. But now someone who isn’t a politician or elected official at all seems to be the target of […]

TFS +: DeSantis and Moskowitz v Rebekah Jones on Covid. What’s the truth in this highly-partisan battle??

Rebekah Jones, the former data scientist with the Department of Health has spectacularly for the last year served as an apparent whistle-blower on Covid-19 related issues. On Friday, her criticisms of Governor DeSantis reached no heights with a Miami Herald expose on the Department of Health.   Later the same morning,we learned  former State Rep […]

DeSantis’ gamble: On “Vaccine Passports” and non-domestic tourism

Governor DeSantis’ dug in position in preventing private industry from taking measures to protect their customers in the wake of a pandemic that continues to kill Floridians in great numbers (now over 36,000 dead and growing every day) threatens the long-term health of Florida’s economy. The Governor’s centralized statist approach – where State Government (led […]

Spring Break 2021 – what is more important to our political leaders, Florida’s own citizens or outside norm breakers?

I must admit I saw it coming. In recent weeks, I’ve seen on YouTube channels I subscribe to that do City walks and drives a proliferation of videos from Florida – including on some channels, largely focused on large European and American cities that had never aired a video from Florida before. Suddenly around the […]

Guest column: Conscripting Troops for the Trump/DeSantis offensive

By Drake Buckman Editors note: A version of this column has run in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. It is reworked slightly and published here with permission from the author. This past week, 80,000 Sarasota parents will have to make one of the most difficult decisions of their lives. On Aug. 31, 43,000 children in Sarasota County […]

College Football and COVID_19. American Anti-intellectualism and selfish entitlement run amok

Coronavirus is the defining crisis and issue of our lifetimes. It is far and away the biggest crisis this nation has faced since World War II. My naive and flawed assumption was this would be our era’s World War II, a chance to forge political unity and a new understanding between our people. This idealistic […]

Privatizing pandemic data? Bizarre no-bid contract raises questions

I’d say the goal here isn’t only to “politicize” the data—what they’re doing is monetizing it.

#COVID-19: The American crisis of reason, critical thinking and intellectual curiosity

Thomas Paine in 1776 and 1777 wrote “The American Crisis,” which stated “these are the times that try men’s souls.” These are indeed the times that try the souls of every human being with a conscience and critical thinking skills on American soil. Coronavirus is the defining crisis and issue of our lifetimes. It is […]

Florida’s Covid crisis – The politicking is getting us nowhere

As regular readers of this site know, I’ve diverted from our normal political and historical content of late to focus most of my time on #COVID19. For many of us, our perspectives have changed during this pandemic. The absence of American global leadership, and the unwillingness of many of our elected and appointed leaders to […]

#COVID-19 : Professional contact team sports returns in Florida- timing could not be worse

For anyone not predisposed to believe Governor DeSantis & President Trump’s spin on Coronavirus, it has been obvious since the first week of June that Florida was entering very dangerous territory. However, unfortunately we have learned in the past few weeks, too many Americans live in an alternate reality, be it out of blissful ignorance […]