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Hey, Florida, it’s time to mask up again

Covid trends are not encouraging in the state. Over the last week, Florida has averaged 9,552 new cases. While vaccines have been talked about by public officials (except by Governor DeSantis and his team who abruptly went from pro-vaccine to anti-vaccine, when it was clearly a political advantage to flip), masking remains the most non-obtrusive […]

Audio (free access): On Joe Rogan and far left/right convergence on anti-authority

Dave Trotter and Kartik Krishnaiyer discuss the growing issue of support anti-authority and anti-expertise voices on both the far left and far right. This is highlighted by the Joe Rogan situation. This is the type of content we provide on TFS+ regularly.

FOX’s Jesse Watters has been rewarded by the network after calling for Dr. Fauci to face metaphorical “the kill shot.”

Merry Christmas everyone! If you’ve spent anytime watching FOX News in prime time this week (yes I do watch FOX News – it’s important for me to be informed about what is being said there), you probably have seen Jesse Watters. With Christmas week upon us Watters was filling in at various times for both […]

Is Governor DeSantis Pro-Vax? Anti-Vax? Vax-Hesitant?

Thirty five months into his term as Governor the reality is abundantly clear – Ron DeSantis is the most skilled politician 21st Century Florida has seen. In fact, I don’t think their is a close second. We’ve previously on these pages, written at length about the Governor’s ruthlessness in acquiring and holding governing power, which […]

The Omicron wave hits Florida – Time for personal responsibility

Omicron has hit and it could provide us with the biggest wave yet of Covid. This weekend we have seen scores of cancellations of sporting events from NFL, NHL and College Basketball games here in the United States, to Premier League and Football League soccer matches in England to other entertainment events in Europe. The […]

Special Session: Florida Republicans very own Socialism week

Republicans just love calling President Joe Biden a “socialist.” Democrats who could easily point to President Donald Trump’s own record of “socialist” views and actions in how he turned government into a repository of subsidies for groups and industries that supported him, opt not to do so for whatever reason (perhaps it’s because some young […]

Florida Department of Education letter to US Department of Education

Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran has sent an angry letter to the US Department of Education regarding the feds sending money to Florida school districts that have mask mandates being impacted by the DOE’s cutting of funds.

The DeSantis era Florida GOP pivot on race could open door for Democrats

Florida’s population today is more non-white than anytime since the passage of the Federal Voting Rights Act in 1965. Yet in 2020, Florida went more Republican at the top-of-the-ticket than any election since 2004 (top-of-the-ticket races were: 2006 US Senate, 2008 Presidential, 2010 US Senate, 2012 Presidential, 2014 Governor, 2016 Presidential, 2018 US Senate). Winning […]

WaPo: Florida’s recent COVID surge comparable in death numbers to New York’s March-April 2020 period

An interesting analysis from Philip Bump of The Washington Post. One place I would disagree with him is his saying if more Floridians were vaccinated, Florida wouldn’t have experienced quite a surge. While that’s true, Florida’s vaccination rate isn’t terrible relative to other states – but the aversion to mask wearing promoted by Governor DeSantis […]

DeSantis attacks on business and alliance with anti-vaxxers part of a broader GOP repositioning with class-based undertones

Ron DeSantis recent rhetoric as well as his executive actions we’ve pointed out are broadly authoritarian, anti-science and are based upon blatant pandering. But what we have not discussed to this point is how DeSantis actions reflect the shifting of both parties electoral coalitions and how vaccines have become more than the partisan or ideological […]