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Vice News: The battle over masking in Florida schools

Vice News which does wonderful in-depth reporting has this feature on the masking battle in Florida schools.

The Lincoln Project – DeSantis lies ad

The Lincoln Project is back with a shorter and more effective ad this time pointing out Ron DeSantis’ continued contradictions over COVID in a nice 30 second package.

Lincoln Project anti-DeSantis ad

The Lincoln Project, made up of prominent ex-GOPers have turned attention from former President Donald Trump to Governor Ron DeSantis. It’s about time in my eyes that focused shifted from a wannabe authoritarian in Trump to a real one in DeSantis. The Lincoln Project has been accused by many of grifting but personally, if someone […]

Tourism tumbling as DeSantis COVID gamble blows up spectacularly

Governor Ron DeSantis’ dogmatic approach to COVID-19 has led Florida to the brink. As the state reaches an untenable position in terms of hospitalizations, procurement of resources and other matters due to the pandemic, the Governor continues to act as if the one true victim of COVID-19 is him – having seen his gaudy approval […]

The rebellion against Governor DeSantis is growing and other COVID-19 news

Governor Ron DeSantis and Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran’s gambit that they could intimidate and bully local officials across the state into backing off masks in school has failed miserably.  Leon County Superintendent of Schools Rocky Hanna had been the first official in the state to back down under pressure in the form of intimidating […]

Did the State Board of Education’s Kangaroo Court embolden other school districts to defy DeSantis mask order?

Tuesday’s performative art-driven Kangaroo Court Board of Education emergency meeting resolved to crush any rebellion against Governor DeSantis’ July Executive Order banning mask mandates in schools. The meeting as we discussed previously on this site was a three-hour demonstration of bullying, misogyny and autocracy. Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran whose hard-edged autocratic style made him […]

The Florida Board of Education’s three hours of misogyny and demagoguery should awaken the masses to the creeping autocracy we live in (but it probably won’t)

Tuesday afternoon, The Florida Board of Education met in an “emergency meeting” called by Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran. The subject discussed: The temerity of two local school districts (Alachua and Broward) to listen to the parents, children, teachers and staff they represent and impose a mask mandate. Corcoran has taken center stage in the […]

Why is the Governor acting as a cheap pitchman for an antibody treatment (that may not be effective against the Delta variant)?

Governor DeSantis has not spoken once in the last several days publicly (to our knowledge, of course many of Governor’s events aren’t announced to the media so who knows about private get-together’s for right-wing activists) about vaccines and he has continued his war on masking, using preemption and extra-constitutional means to stop local governments, School […]

Lefty Lounge with Brook Hines – Premier episode Kartik Krishnaiyer on Afghanistan and Ron DeSantis

Kartik Krishnaiyer joins Brook Hines to discuss the media’s war fever in the wake of President Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal. Also discussed is Kartik’s view as to why Ron DeSantis’ COVID-19 handling and creeping authoritarianism makes him most dangerous elected official of his lifetime.

Florida breaking records on COVID thanks to Governor DeSantis throwing up obstacles to reasonable mitigation efforts

Governor Ron DeSantis isn’t like merely pretending COVID isn’t a crisis. He is actively obstructing the ability of local officials and private businesses to get this virus under control in Florida. Once again on Friday, Florida broke a daily record for new COVID-19 cases with over 25,000 recorded that day. Last week, Florida had over […]