Poll/ open discussion: How do our readers feel about Federal vaccine/testing mandates?

Following weeks of rising COVID cases, highlighted by the situation here in Florida where an authoritarian Governor has stood in the way of local governments and the private sector’s efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus, President Biden acted on Thursday.

President Biden’s decision to mandate either vaccinations or weekly testing for employee include a vaccine mandate for all federal workers and contractors, in addition to a requirement that large companies of over 100 employees must mandate vaccines or regular testing for employees.

Government by executive mandate is a difficult concept to defend in a democratic republic, but it’s entirely true as well that President Biden held off as long as he could on mandates while irresponsible state leaders like DeSantis imposed their own mandates that were contrary to the public interest or safeguarding public health.

How do our readers feel about this?

Vote below and leave your comments in the comment section which has been reopened for this post.


  1. Now I want a vaccine passport.


  2. Francis Thomas Morra · ·

    I am glad that President Biden is taking the actions he is to get COVID-19 under control.


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