DeSantis achieves a hat-trick of news cycles with crazy COVID quotes

For three successive news cycles Governor Ron DeSantis has had odd-ball quotes related to Florida’s continuing COVID crisis. This is a remarkable feat, a “hat trick” of sorts.

On Wednesday Governor DeSantis told reporters the following :

“I don’t know why the masks have politics around it.”

Ron DeSantis September 8, 2021

Interestingly it is Ron DeSantis own shop selling the pictured merchandise below which clearly politicizes the mask issue and quite frankly mocks science and those concerned about public health and the pandemic.

Let’s review the previous two news cycles where DeSantis had absolutely mind-boggling quotes.

On the onset of the Labor Day Weekend, DeSantis said the following:

“It’s about your health and whether you want that protection or not. It really doesn’t impact me or anyone else.”

Ron DeSantis September 3, 2021

This was among several strange things the Governor said in an appearance in Pensacola which included an attack on private industry.

Then as the holiday weekend ended, DeSantis said this on Tuesday:

“You know the breakthroughs are not that rare…The vaccinations have been effective against preventing severe illness, but it hasn’t created the type of herd immunity that we hoped.”

Ron DeSantis September 7, 2021

DeSantis has incredible control over the right-wing media ecosystem so those who praise him will never see the inherent contradictions in his comment on COVID. Instead they’ll just keep going attacking the “corporate media” while COVID infections and deaths rise on a daily basis here in the Sunshine State.

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  1. […] Ever since late July, DeSantis has flirted openly with anti-vaxxers while pushing a message of “freedom” around opposing the wearing of masks. DeSantis has gone from promoting vaccinations like in the below tweet to openly undermining vaccines and their effectiveness. […]


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