WaPo: Florida’s recent COVID surge comparable in death numbers to New York’s March-April 2020 period

An interesting analysis from Philip Bump of The Washington Post.

One place I would disagree with him is his saying if more Floridians were vaccinated, Florida wouldn’t have experienced quite a surge. While that’s true, Florida’s vaccination rate isn’t terrible relative to other states – but the aversion to mask wearing promoted by Governor DeSantis as well as the ill-advised early full reopening which didn’t limit capacity at restaurants or mass gatherings just as the Delta variant began spreading were probably much bigger factors in Florida’s spike than a lack of vaccinations. Those who were unvaccinated didn’t help the cause but I would argue the inconsiderate public behavior of many Floridians and tourists as well probably had a greater impact on the problems we have faced down here.

In any event, a really good analysis of the numbers.

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