Changes coming to The Florida History Podcast

After completing our 125th episode last week, we’re making some big changes to The Florida History Podcast, effective immediately.

  • We’ve had complaints, justifiably so about our production levels and about the audio quality of my co-host Robert Buccellato, particularly on recent shows. We’ve upgraded our production board as well as our audio mixer. Sound quality should be significantly better and more consistent from here on out.
  • We are going to have more guests on the show and diversify the topic areas covered further. We’ll dive more into music, film, Florida culture, literature, sports, etc.
  • Beginning next week, we will have frequent short episodes on a specific figures in Florida History which supplement our larger shows and the broader topics we have already discussed. These will be short biographical pieces and serve as weekly episodes or supplemental episodes.
  • Our listeners have requested more discussion of important African-American figures. Given Florida is a southern state and had legalized segregation until the 1960’s, many of our topics previously covered particularly those about politics have often been “lily white,” or contain some of the classic classic historical narratives which I will be the first to admit is fairly slanted. We’ve done our best to balance this with our own perspectives but will endeavor to do more topics exclusively about African-Americans or told from an African-American perspective.
  • We will also include more shows on Native American figures.

Feel free to leave comments or thoughts about the show in this thread. Thanks!

One comment

  1. John Austin · ·

    You get hit on Twitter by the woke mob for saying something any real progressive would agree with and you suddenly commit to more “diverse” content.

    Hope it’s worthwhile. You have a good thing going. Don’t ruin it.

    Glad audio will improve but the other changes are not needed. You guys have covered plenty of diverse topics already .


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