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Yes, Miami can win the whole thing

Editors Note: Neil Blackmon, who contributes to this site about legal, political and Civil Rights topics also is the host of The Florida Basketball Hour (about the Florida Gators) and a writer for Saturday Road. He’s been high on this Miami team all season and has penned this exceptional piece on why Miami can win […]

Rivalry with Connecticut helped Miami Basketball become relevant

Editors Note: We are not ignoring FAU being in the Final Four. We will discuss them later in the week. Miami faces UConn in the NCAA Men’s Final Four from Houston this Saturday – it’s Miami’s first trip to the Final Four, as our readers surly know, but I would argue Miami Basketball becoming relevant […]

Cinderella still dancing in Boca Raton while Coach L continues his magnificence in Coral Gables. The Miami women are rolling as well. It’s March in south Florida!

Incredibly, the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach MSA is the only US metro area with two Sweet 16 men’s teams (and a women’s one as the University of Miami women have made the Sweet 16). FAU and Miami have both made the Sweet 16, taking different routes with differing expectations. For FAU, this is an incredible […]

March Madness is here – 27 years of data for Florida D1 schools

Obviously, I work in soccer, but otherwise really don’t follow sports closely – other than men’s College Basketball. Heck, I don’t even watch the Super Bowl (and usually don’t know who plays in it)! I watched sports religiously when I was younger but gradually weened off of them outside of men’s NCAA Hoops. This year […]

Welcome to the Florida Soccer Report- USL season returns!

Over at Beyond the 90′, We have something called the Florida Soccer Report (which is free, if you want to purchase a paid subscription at the site, it’s great for us, and will give you lost of European football analysis not available for free, but all Florida-related content is always free at BT90′) and last […]

From the top of the Jupiter Lighthouse

Japanese Gardens – Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

The signature bridge craze consumes Florida

In recent years the growth of stylish brides with no real purpose other than to look impressive has dominated much of the push toward “new urbanism.” It began with the “big dig” in Boston and the building of the Zakim Bridge in Boston. Dallas with very little unique architecture of its own then decided to […]

Hidden Florida: Tallahassee’s Governors Park

Tallahassee’s Governors Park which sprung up around the historic Myers House was created in 1997 as the long-proposed extension of Blair Stone Road moved forward. Tallahassee has close to 90 parks- in my opinion it has the best urban parks in the state. But Governors Park is unique in that it was created in an […]

Hidden Florida: Gulf Coast Visitors Center and Everglades City

When people think of Everglades National Park they think of Flamingo, the boardwalk close to Florida City or Shark Valley. Often forgotten is the Gulf Visitor Center and Everglades (City) in Collier County on the other side on the peninsula. Iconic locales like Ted Smallwood’s Store make this gaunt well worthwhile.  The below photos were […]