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October 27 Nowcast Video

Oct 24 Nowcast video: GOP advantage in early voting

Early Voting Day 1 – Stalemate in the Sunshine State

Florida Vote by Mail numbers and electoral projections – live updates.

We will be updating this map and associated numbers every time we get an update. Scroll over each county for the current numbers.  UPDATED OCTOBER 18. NOTE THE MAP HAS MULTIPLE TABS. By Tom Arthur from Orange, CA, United States – vote for better tape, CC BY-SA 2.0,

October 16 Nowcast Video: Florida Getting Closer?

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October 15 Nowcast Video: Is it too early to say Blue Wave in Florida?

Florida Nowcast Video: October 12

Democrats can flip ten counties!

October 10 Florida Election Nowcast video: Democrats continue to roll

Democrats continue to pad an impressive vote-by-mail margin.

Biden’s Florida Latino problem is real. Here are 7 reasons why

A slew of polling in the last week has indicated Joe Biden has a real problem with Latino voters in Florida. These polls came as a shock to many political observers but as my Twitter feed indicates (if you go back a bit), I had detected the softness of Biden’s support among Latino’s before any […]

Any false equivalency between Biden and Trump is beyond bonkers- it’s dangerous and threatens western democracy.

Authors note: Portions of this piece have run previously on the site. The content is updated to reflect circumstances in August 2020. The recently completed Democratic National Convention highlighted the Joe Biden I remember – compassionate, caring, feisty and magnanimous. Below I’ll detail Biden’s generally progressive legislative history. However first, as MAGA Republicans have sought […]