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#FloridaProud – Ketanji Brown Jackson nominated for the US Supreme Court

A historic appointment by President Biden, not simply because she’s an African-American woman but because she is a Floridian. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson nomination puts someone who grew up in Florida in the spotlight. As we’ve discussed previously, the only Floridian nominated to the Supreme Court, Tallahassee’s Harrold Carswell, was rejected by the Senate in […]

Biden a year in – The good and the bad

President Joe Biden’s first year in office has led to record low approval ratings. Yet he had done much correctly to this point, but without question much has gone wrong. The media is very much focused on legislative fights and inside DC baseball. Very little of this is meaningful to a polarized electorate which doesn’t […]

TFS+ – the pre-Trump radicalization of the GOP

Over at TFS+ we’re running a series of audio discussions between Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer discussing the long-term radicalization of the GOP BEFORE Donald Trump was on the political scene. It’s an important discussion given the recent trend in the mainstream media to act as if the GOP was a mainstream force until 2015.

TFS + – Biden’s first year defined by a media employing double-standards

Joe Biden has had a rough first year in office Of course, the Biden White House could do better on messaging. Of course, the Biden White House could have done better on COVID testing.  Of course, the Biden White House could have done better with its legislative strategy.  But none of this is the point.  […]

On January 6 why so little analysis of what came before Trump?

If you watched CNN or MSNBC on Insurrection Day you might be fooled into think the Republicans were hunky dory before Trump was nominated for President. Well, that is plainly not the case. I threw out a Twitter thread that evening to express my frustration. I fingered the 1970’s to bring Reagan and Gingrich into […]

Identity Crisis: Who Are We?

How do you identify? If you were asked to describe yourself without using your name, how would you respond? Identity is tricky a concept but important to understanding behavior. Where you stand tends to be where you sit, after all. In the U.S. few would identify with their state, outside of Texas, Alabama and maybe, […]

Can working class solidarity be achieved in electoral politics?

This is an interesting study from Jacobin Magazine that’s well-worth a read for all progressives.

Focus groups give a hint of what voters will be thinking about in 2022

I want to recommend Sarah Longwell’s new podcast series which dives into focus groups and what voters are thinking about multiple subjects at this point in time. Each episode focuses on a different subgroup, ie MAGA Trump Republicans, soft MAGA, Never Trump Republicans, Moderate Dems, rank-in-file Dems, Progressives, etc. For Floridians one takeaway is that […]

Vichy Republicans and Neville Chamberlain’s Democrats

American politics is being dominated by two malevolent forces right now – The Democrats who take after Neville Chamberlain and the Republicans who take after the Vichy Government of World War II France. First off, I’d like to articulate my view on France’s “defeat” in World War II to explain my premise. In my opinion, […]

On July 4, let’s ask what is Americanism?

As we celebrate July 4th, a discussion worth having comes to mind … What is Americanism? This entire discussion for me is long overdue. Some of my brethren on the left look the liberal democracies of western Europe for inspiration even though in many cases they are more classist and race-conscious societies than the United States […]