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Focus groups give a hint of what voters will be thinking about in 2022

I want to recommend Sarah Longwell’s new podcast series which dives into focus groups and what voters are thinking about multiple subjects at this point in time. Each episode focuses on a different subgroup, ie MAGA Trump Republicans, soft MAGA, Never Trump Republicans, Moderate Dems, rank-in-file Dems, Progressives, etc. For Floridians one takeaway is that […]

Vichy Republicans and Neville Chamberlain’s Democrats

American politics is being dominated by two malevolent forces right now – The Democrats who take after Neville Chamberlain and the Republicans who take after the Vichy Government of World War II France. First off, I’d like to articulate my view on France’s “defeat” in World War II to explain my premise. In my opinion, […]

On July 4, let’s ask what is Americanism?

As we celebrate July 4th, a discussion worth having comes to mind … What is Americanism? This entire discussion for me is long overdue. Some of my brethren on the left look the liberal democracies of western Europe for inspiration even though in many cases they are more classist and race-conscious societies than the United States […]

American Exceptionalism, infrastructure, cultural decay, anti-intellectualism and the makings of a failed state

Through the years I have had various bouts discussing my discomfort with American Exceptionalism. But beginning in April with the attempts by the largest soccer clubs in Europe (many owned or managed by Americans) to create a closed-league on American crony-capitalist lines that defied all existing European norms and running through the incredible May debates […]

Identity politics IS modern global politics – A brief historical overview of how & why we got here

At this website we’ve railed time and again against what we see as the shallow game of identity politics. It’s a game that allows those advocating it to avoid meaningful discussion of issues related to policy and governance. It’s a game that pits race against race, ethnicity against ethnicity and religion against religion. However, it […]

Kavanaugh’s confirmation, the historical loss of American global moral authority and vulnerability of women globally

Judge Brett Kavanaugh will now be Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. The United States has proven once again in the eyes of the world it’s drifting far from the moral leadership it long clung to globally. In so many ways the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh is the culmination of a long drift toward overt moral hypocrisy […]

Brett Kavanaugh’s America: Elite entitlement and the modern GOP personified

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s indignation which was on full display for the world to see last week at a special Senate Judiciary Committee hearing was about his vision of America and the United States’ he’s lived his life in. It’s a country where entitled prep school educated males who go to Ivy League schools and are […]

Book Review: January 1973

January 1973: Watergate, Roe v. Wade, Vietnam, and the Month That Changed America Forever by James Robenalt is an essential read into a month in American history where a confluence of events all came together. The book doesn’t really cover new ground but does tie and weave the intricate motif of the a pivotal month in […]

The meaning of Christmas for the United States

In what is becoming an increasingly secular nation, Christmas isn’t celebrated as the festival of “Americana” that it once was – nor should it be. It always has struck me as odd that people who don’t embrace religion find Christmas to be a Holiday of note – perhaps its for family and the children this […]

The myth of America and Americanism – is it dead? Was it ever real?

Is the American idea over? Is it dead? The ultimate journal of America, The Atlantic turned 160 years old this year and the November issue of the venerable publication pondered this question. Both the left and right have different ideals of what America stands for and without a genuine national purpose or ties that unite, […]