President Donald Trump quite possibly at the behest of Florida’s Junior Senator Marco Rubio and other neoconservatives has scaled back President Obama’s breakthrough with Cuba today. According to a leaked memo obtained by Politico, Trump is returning the US partially to a sanctions and travel regime that failed so miserably between 1961 and 2014 to […]

When The Florida Squeeze began publication in early 2013 the guiding mission was to give a progressive perspective on politics and other happenings here in Florida. The concept was to create a site that doesn’t engage in personality conflicts related to a party that is on a two-decade losing streak but to critically point out […]

So many Republican and Democrats in the political establishment  love to demonize Russian President Vladimir Putin for no other reason than it’s an easy narrative for them.  Many have either grown up in a world of American unipolar power or during the Cold War where Russia was made an enemy without any amount of critical […]

A column published earlier today on the Florida Squeeze, referencing activist Leslie Wimes, has been withdrawn for failure to meet editorial standards. The piece is being evaluated by our team currently and has been removed from the site. Although the tone of the piece was intended to be facetious and is based on what many […]

Donald Trump, despite his populist reputation has gradually adopted the neoconservative foreign policy of Florida’s Junior Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio is an unreconstructed neoconservative that has never met a military intervention that he didn’t embrace, even if it isn’t in our national security interests. He has never missed an opportunity to undermine our current administration’s […]

Election night 2016 was incredibly painful for everyone who fought tooth and nail to defeat Donald Trump.  The only thing saving me from still sucking my thumb from the fetal position is the fact that Florida’s 29 electoral votes weren’t decisive.  We are reminded of the pain from last November every time an outrageous statement […]

Excellent piece from The Tampa Bay Times Washington-based Bureau Chief, Alex Leary. Ballard Partners has grown into arguably the leading Florida-based firm on state issues thanks to closeness to a lot of Democrats and Republicans in the state but now is taking on the national scene. Notable additions to the firm beyond Congressman Robert Wexler […]