My piece on Major League Soccer’s proposed Orlando-area “bubble” to restart competitive matches is at The Yanks are Coming.

The War of 1812 has for whatever reason a certain obscurity in American History. Even more obscure is the so-called “Patriot Rebellion” and American invasion of Spanish Florida in 1812. On this week we discuss this period on The Florida History Podcast. A conflict peripherally connected to the larger war between the United States and […]

This week’s update has good news about Lufthansa returning service to the state in mid June. Several other updates as well. Air Canada Fort Lauderdale-Montreal 4x a week (normally twice daily) Fort Lauderdale – Toronto 3x a week (normally twice daily) Fort Myers-Toronto SUSPENDED (normally 4x a week) Miami- Montreal SUSPENDED (normally one daily) Miami-Toronto […]

Having written an extensively long and half-week consuming piece the other day on “#Obamagate,” I realize a more direct explanation can be given for this “scandal”. Here goes in some short bite-sized bits. 1- Michael Flynn was a foreign agent. And worse yet, he was an agent who had collected six figure fees from foreign […]

As Trump-aligned Republicans continue to put politics and a myth of economic recovery over protecting human lives, they openly fan the flames of scandal using warped historical logic to defend their point of view. But this goes along with the general economic and rhetorical philosophy of Trumpism which radically zigzags from from far right to […]

The 1901 Great Fire in Jacksonville is the third largest urban fire in American history and the largest ever in the American south. The fire consumed over 2,300 buildings and 7 lives. In 1963, the city was again the scene of a massive fire when the Roosevelt Hotel went up in flames during the holiday […]

International airlines are slowly beginning to resume service to and from the Sunshine State in June. Here is a sampling of the latest updates. We will attempt to post updates to this every Sunday or Monday until most normal service resumes. Air Canada Fort Lauderdale-Montreal 4x a week (normally twice daily) Fort Lauderdale – Toronto […]