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Congressional District 9 and identity politics – A risky game?

By Dave Trotter Over the last few weeks, there have been rumblings about the role that identity politics might play in the upcoming Congressional District 9 primary between Congressman Darren Soto and former congressman Alan Grayson. While it has not happened yet, things could get nasty if it does take a turn in that direction, […]

Do Patrick Murphy and Susannah Randolph hold the keys to victory in Grayson vs. Soto CD-9 Dem primary?

By Dave Trotter Well, we finally figured out that Alan Grayson will be running for Florida’s 9th Congressional District. Not only will this be an extremely interesting race to watch electorally, but also rhetorically. Over the years, there has been a lot of cross pollination between the staff and supporters of both candidates. Old wounds […]

Darren Soto reveals he is anti-consumer and pro-insurance

If you have dealt with or studied Florida’s medical malpractice system, you know it’s not great. It’s a system that was designed to put the needs of insurance companies over consumers and to weaken the influence and bottom-line of traditional Democratic Party contributors in the political process. This pet issue of Jeb Bush’s took several […]

Darren Soto politicizes Orlando tragedy despite years of NRA support

Our friend Peter Schorsch has an exquisite takedown of Darren Soto’s record on guns in wake of his highly politicized call for a Special Session of the Florida Legislature after the Orlando tragedy. Soto’s record on guns as Schorsch points out is consistent over the years including as recently as last year. Schorsch writes: Rather […]

Darren Soto, oil interests and Duke Energy during rate hike crisis

This past week Senator Darren Soto called on the the National Parks Service to reject oil exploration in Florida’s Big Cypress National Preserve, citing the danger it posed to Florida’s environment and likening the threat it poses to the ongoing impact of the disastrous BP oil spill.  On this Soto is spot on – but as […]

Did contributions from John Kirtley influence school “choice” votes by Darren Soto?

Over the last few years, we at TFS have repeatedly cited John Kirtley, a Tampa venture capitalist and the force behind the national pro-voucher group “All Children Matter” as a malign force that was able to use campaign contributions to possibly influence the thoughts of many Democrats on the school “choice” issue.  In 2012,  Kirtley […]

Despite environmental rhetoric Darren Soto loaded with sugar contributions

The Everglades ecosystem and its preservation is a a life or death matter for those living south of Shingle Creek. Last year the Audubon Society awarded Senator Darren Soto the “Champion of the Everglades.” While elements of Soto’s record are admirable from an environmental perspective such as his filing of anti-fracking legislation like so many […]

Congressional District 9 Democratic race heats up

Alan Grayson’s decision to run for the US Senate opened up his congressional seat. While several candidates are in the race from a fundraising and support perspective, two serious candidates have emerged, State Senator Darren Soto and Susannah Randolph. The Grayson legacy in the district is a difficult one to analyze because from some perspectives […]

Centrist Dems make Central Florida endorsements

The New Democrat Coalition  which describes itself as  “the pro-growth, fiscally-responsible wing of the Democratic Party,” has made two major endorsements in Central Florida Congressional races. From Politico: “GETTING THE NOD — New Democrat Coalition PAC endorses nine House hopefuls: The New Democrat Coalition PAC, which is affiliated with a group of moderate House Democrats, […]

Darren Soto + Donald Trump: why ConservaDems spell disaster in 2016

IN a political environment driven by campaign cash, it matters who is at the top of candidate fundraisers because it shows who the candidate aligns himself with, while providing a road map of who is bidding on that lawmaker’s future votes. Who co-chairs a fundraiser can help tell the story of a candidate’s past and […]