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Darren Soto is minimum wage challenged — UPDATE

This was a big week for the Fight For 15 campaign, with a national strike and marches that were held here in Orlando, along with dozens of other cities from New York to California The Fight For 15 events I’ve attended in Central Florida have been intense with participants undeterred by stifling heat, pouring rain, or even 4 a.m. gathering […]

GOLDEN STRINGS: Republican lobbyist pulling for Darren Soto

As Scott Powers reported in the Orlando Sentinel, campaign fundraisers for political candidates are starting to draw crowds. But in the case of Darren Soto, they’re also raising eyebrows. Soto’s host committee for his District 9 race includes a well known Republican lobbyist and bundler, Fred Leonhardt. Most people wouldn’t know or care who’s who […]

The False Mirror: If my candidate doesn’t win, we’ll lose the Presidential election

According to Jean Piaget, all children go through a phase of egocentrism, when their developing brains don’t yet differentiate the child from the rest of the world, and other people. For example, a child might give his mother a toy dump truck for her birthday, thinking that’s exactly what she’d want. Because that’s exactly what […]

BEYOND THE PALE: misogyny has no place in District 9, in lawmaking or rhetoric

Mandatory ultrasound laws take the anti-abortion protestor and put him inside the exam room with the patient. These laws are literally designed to give the anti-abortion protestor legal standing in the context of a woman’s medical setting, and to make her pay for it to boot. Any politician who votes for coerced medical procedures as a […]