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Presidential vote by Florida Congressional District

The Daily Kos has for the third straight presidential cycle provided an invaluable resource – Presidential vote by congressional district. Below is the chart for Florida. Note these vote percentages are based on the CURRENT district lines not where the districts lines were in the 2008 or 2012 elections.  The analysis from The Daily Kos […]

Today’s Democratic Party – Multiculturalism run amok causing a counter-reaction?

We’ve discussed identity politics time and again on this site and the general danger it poses to the Democratic Party. The willingness of leaders in our party to park ideology at the door in order to promote candidates that fit a certain demographic profile. Many in the party have had a different standard for ideological purity when […]

Holy shit a woman just beat Mica in CD-7

Will have more to say about this later, but this is quite a wonderful win.

Republicans Eliminate Jacksonville Voice in D.C.

The Republicans found Congresswoman Corrine Brown very useful for 23 years.    The first reason is her district helped them win Congressional seats in Northeast and Central Florida.    The district included most of Jacksonville’s black population and Democrats.  Jacksonville’s other Congressional district was largely whitewashed of minority voters which made it a very safe […]

Conservative groups playing hard in Democratic primaries

The push by conservative groups to continue dominating the legislative process in the state of Florida has this year intensified with unprecedented spending and interest in Democratic primaries. Since most seats in the legislature and Florida’s congressional delegation are essentially decided in partisan primaries, groups aligned with Republican interests have wisely chosen to engage heavily […]

Congressional District 9 Democratic race heats up

Alan Grayson’s decision to run for the US Senate opened up his congressional seat. While several candidates are in the race from a fundraising and support perspective, two serious candidates have emerged, State Senator Darren Soto and Susannah Randolph. The Grayson legacy in the district is a difficult one to analyze because from some perspectives […]

CD 4: Thunder on the Right in wake of Crenshaw retirement

  The 4th congressional district in Northeast Florida has been an anomaly for the last twenty-four years.  In 1992 the district was radically changed by the Florida Legislature to create a base for a rabidly conservative member of Congress.    However, the voters of the district have elected moderate Republicans Tillie K. Fowler and Ander […]

Centrist Dems make Central Florida endorsements

The New Democrat Coalition  which describes itself as  “the pro-growth, fiscally-responsible wing of the Democratic Party,” has made two major endorsements in Central Florida Congressional races. From Politico: “GETTING THE NOD — New Democrat Coalition PAC endorses nine House hopefuls: The New Democrat Coalition PAC, which is affiliated with a group of moderate House Democrats, […]

Cocky Democrats Might Be Humbled in November with Clinton as Nominee

With the Republican freak show at the presidential level, a growing confidence bordering on cockiness has begun to sweep the ranks of institutional Democrats about the 2016 election. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will almost certainly be the Democratic nominee and as a defined and perhaps fatally flawed candidate, the risk of losses for the party […]

Guest Column: The Coming Battle Over The Supreme Court

By Sean Phillippi I normally wouldn’t be writing an article like this the day after the sudden passing of a figure so significant that all three branches of the Federal Government lowered their flags to half-mast. Justice Antonin Scalia was an intellectual heavyweight who, despite the fact that a large swath of the American people (including […]