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Hidden Florida: Jackson County’s Caverns

Hurricane Michael, the most powerful Hurricane to hit the United States since Camile in 1969 ravaged Jackson County. It’s path of destruction impacted 14 state parks, many of which we will feature in the coming months on Hidden Florida. We’ll have destinations from all over the state we feature in this series. We start our […]

The Phlip Side: Lessons from 2016

Election night 2016 was incredibly painful for everyone who fought tooth and nail to defeat Donald Trump.  The only thing saving me from still sucking my thumb from the fetal position is the fact that Florida’s 29 electoral votes weren’t decisive.  We are reminded of the pain from last November every time an outrageous statement […]

What we’re reading: Matt Taibbi on “Shattered”

“The real protagonist of this book is a Washington political establishment that has lost the ability to explain itself or its motives to people outside the Beltway.” — Matt Taibbi Read Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone article here. _______________________________ If, like me, your first impression of the new Clinton campaign history, Shattered is that it is your usual gossipy post-election […]

Trump voters all racist? Trump illegitimate? Nope.

I posted a rant on Facebook earlier today. I don’t have a lot of Facebook friends and tend to use Twitter much more for social media. I have well over 5,000 Twitter followers but the disadvantage of Twitter is that you cannot post long form thoughts like this on that platform, though for most things […]

TFS Podcast: White working class voters, 2016 like 2004 and 2000, foreign policy in the US Senate race, will Rick Scott try to influence the result and more

On the latest edition of the TFS Podcast Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer look at the Presidential race and the flight of white working class voters away from the Democrats. The current landscape in Florida is discussed as well. While most in the media use 2008 and 2012 as a frame of reference for how […]

The Phlip Side: Democratic Veepstakes

The selection of a running mate is one of the most important decisions that any major party nominee for president has in their run for The White House.  Sec. Clinton has many options to choose from, but the Veepstakes should be a two horse race with a clear frontrunner.  The first option, which isn’t likely […]

The Phlip Side: Bernie Sanders should be Pres. Clinton’s DNC Chair

There is no question that Bernie Sanders did much better with his campaign than anybody (himself included) thought was possible just a year ago.  Although his campaign will inevitably fall short on Tuesday, when Hillary Clinton will officially become the presumptive Democratic nominee, the success he has had is an opportunity that should not be […]

The Phlip Side: Proposed Democratic Presidential Primary Changes

We are at the tail end of the process of selecting the Democratic nominee for president, and while there are no serious flaws with the process there are some things that can be done to improve it.  The biggest problem that needs to be fixed is a perception problem, especially with the Super Delegates.  The […]

NeoCons poised to abandon GOP for Clinton?

Here in Florida we have many Republicans whose foreign policy views would fit into the “neoconservative” camp. While this state has some traditional conservatives, the neocons unique blend of a free-market driven economic ideology combined with an interventionist foreign policy (which mirrors that of the neoliberals in many ways) is completely contrary to the highly-regulated, […]

Cocky Democrats Might Be Humbled in November with Clinton as Nominee

With the Republican freak show at the presidential level, a growing confidence bordering on cockiness has begun to sweep the ranks of institutional Democrats about the 2016 election. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will almost certainly be the Democratic nominee and as a defined and perhaps fatally flawed candidate, the risk of losses for the party […]