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The Phlip Side: Bernie Sanders should be Pres. Clinton’s DNC Chair

There is no question that Bernie Sanders did much better with his campaign than anybody (himself included) thought was possible just a year ago.  Although his campaign will inevitably fall short on Tuesday, when Hillary Clinton will officially become the presumptive Democratic nominee, the success he has had is an opportunity that should not be […]

Florida’s Dem leaders just aren’t that into us

In two weeks, the Republican Party of Florida will hold their state convention, and 12 of their 15 Presidential candidates will be attending. This weekend, the unfortunately under-loved Democratic State Convention came and went, and you were lucky if you got a selfie with Alan Grayson. That’s not intended to throw shade on The Notorious […]

Debbie’s debate disaster: we’re letting Trump win

There’s a conversation I’m having with my husband that goes like this. He’ll say, “There’s no way Donald Trump will ever get elected.” I roll my eyes. He continues: “He’s going to destroy the Republican brand. He’s not a threat, and in the end he’ll help the Democrats.” Then, as my youth flashes before me, I’ll […]

The FDP Mess and US Senate Hopefuls

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz (also DNC Chairwoman) has been in the news recently, both for hinting that she is considering a Senate run and for her stance on marijuana over a very public spat with John Morgan.  While her Senate aspirations have encouraged some Democrats around the state, who are faced with an almost empty […]

DWS and Cannabis – What is behind her position?

The indispensable Marc Caputo has opened up a can of worms for DNC Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz with some excellent reporting the last two days. Caputo’s groundbreaking Thursday piece described the difficulties Wasserman Schultz has both with her DNC post and potential run for US Senate due to her bizarre positioning last year on […]