Hidden Florida: Jackson County’s Caverns

Hurricane Michael, the most powerful Hurricane to hit the United States since Camile in 1969 ravaged Jackson County. It’s path of destruction impacted 14 state parks, many of which we will feature in the coming months on Hidden Florida. We’ll have destinations from all over the state we feature in this series.

We start our series with Florida Caverns, a unique destination in the Panhandle which is currently closed due to Michael related damage. It is the only state park with air-filled caves that can be visited by the public.

Florida Caverns State Park is just south of the Alabama border a few miles north and west of Marianna. The park is currently inaccessible due to road washouts following Hurricane Michael and as noted above the park is currently closed.

The below pictures are all from my personal collection. These photos were all taken between 2001 and 2009.

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