TFS Podcast: White working class voters, 2016 like 2004 and 2000, foreign policy in the US Senate race, will Rick Scott try to influence the result and more

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-4-52-32-pmOn the latest edition of the TFS Podcast Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer look at the Presidential race and the flight of white working class voters away from the Democrats. The current landscape in Florida is discussed as well. While most in the media use 2008 and 2012 as a frame of reference for how Florida will vote, we dive into the 2004 and 2000 presidential elections in the state and discuss which counties to keep an eye on election night.

In terms of the US Senate race between Marco Rubio and Patrick Murphy the impact of foreign policy on some voters in southeast Florida is discussed as is the damaging DSCC decision in September to abandon Murphy who has NEVER trailed consistently by more than five points during September or October in this race.

We also discuss the question of whether Rick Scott will use the levers of power in a close election to benefit Donald Trump.

Full podcast is after the jump.

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