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Tracking Hurricanes—with Bryan Norcross

Bryan Norcross is a familiar face to south Floridians and to people across the country. Norcross who was the most prominent television meteorologist in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale TV market for two decades has a greater expertise in the history of Atlantic Hurricanes than just about anyone alive today. Hurricane Andrew’s 25th Anniversary which we’ve covered […]

PODCAST: UK election special

Listen here: Kartik and Brook discuss the UK election, with KK taking the lead, as the Florida Squeeze resident expert on UK politics. This election could be interesting as “Teresa May is making Hillary Clinton’s campaign look good by comparison.”   UK Election Special on Libsyn     SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave

Foreign Policy Nightmares: North Korea

Kartik and Brook discuss nightmare foreign policy scenarios surrounding North Korea and the Trump Administration. See also, “Fog of War,” by Errol Morris. Check out this episode of The Florida Squeeze Pod! The Florida Squeeze Pod is now syndicated via Libsyn and will soon be listed on Itunes and Google Play.

What we’re listening to: Russia expert Mark Ames on Unauthorized Disclosure

Mark Ames is uniquely qualified to discuss the “unending baffling frenzy over Trump, Putin, and Russia.” Along with Matt Taibbi, Ames published a satirical magazine in Russia that was shut down by Putin. Their publication, The Exile, provided satire and investigative journalism throughout the fall of the Soviet Union. In this podcast he shares his insight on our complicated relationship […]

Take a deep dive into Tallahassee politics with Kartik on PNN

LISTEN TO KARTIK’S INTERVIEW: This week Kartik joined me on Progressive News Network to discuss all things Tallahassee, as I ran the show for Rick Spisak. Get the whole podcast here at the PNN portal.  First up: What is populism? Many elites in the Democratic Party would like us to believe that populism, by definition, is a right-wing […]

Tonight on PNN: Foxes guarding henhouses and other bad working arrangements

CLICK HERE to tune in to PNN 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific. This week’s topic, “foxes guarding the henhouse.” Tonight we’ll review the Obama presidency as we look into the dark abyss of Trump’s Presidency-to-be. I’ll also share some general thoughts on the outcome of the Florida Democratic Party Chair election. Later in the show Rick interviews water activist Nicole Williams on […]

PODCAST: post Miami-Dade election, follow-up FDP Chair discussion

New podcast dropping Friday before the holidays. Kartik, Mario and myself pick up where we left off with new information about the race for a new Florida Democratic Party Chair. Stay tuned for new thoughts about the future of the party, the need for Democratic think tanks, and our wishlist for a Democratic State Chair. […]

TFS Podcast: White working class voters, 2016 like 2004 and 2000, foreign policy in the US Senate race, will Rick Scott try to influence the result and more

On the latest edition of the TFS Podcast Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer look at the Presidential race and the flight of white working class voters away from the Democrats. The current landscape in Florida is discussed as well. While most in the media use 2008 and 2012 as a frame of reference for how […]

TFS Podcast: Florida votes, Clinton emails, Murphy tax returns, Rubio money advantage, Crist v Jolly and Amendment 1

Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer discussed a variety of topics on this show: – Presidential campaign Where it stands in Florida Clinton email scandal and FBI Director James Comey’s actions National trends 2016 = 1996?  – US Senate race Murphy tax releases not forthcoming – does it matter? Rubio pulling ahead in recent polls. Did […]

TFS Podcast – November 1

Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer will record the latest edition of our podcast tonight.  Among the topics that will be discussed are: – Presidential campaign Where it stands in Florida Clinton email scandal and FBI Director James Comey’s actions Russia connection to Trump? National trends – US Senate race Murphy tax releases not forthcoming – […]