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The Phlip Side: Who is up for a challenge?

Newly elected Florida Democratic Party (FDP) Chair Stephen Bittel, who won the position decisively by gaining a majority of the vote on the first ballot despite having four opponents, has hit the ground running by announcing a $100,000.00 grassroots challenge grant for small and medium sized Florida counties within days of his election.  Bittel won […]

Stephen Bittel, David Brock and the continued Clintonian third way control of the party

This past Saturday, Florida Democrats elected Stephen Bittel as the new party Chairman by a wide margin. Bittel’s first major event in his honeymoon period appears to be meeting with billionaire donors and Clintonian propagandists. Bittel as FDP Chair has taken office in time for this coming weekend’s billionaire retreat hosted by David Brock, the former right-wing […]

Poll: FDP Chair’s result attitudes

Stephen Bittel on Saturday, was elected chair of the Florida Democratic Party by a wide margin among State Executive Committee members on the first ballot. Are our readers happy with the result? How do they feel about the future of the party? Vote in the poll below and leave feedback in the comments section.

The pros and cons of a southeast Florida dominated Democratic Party

Stephen Bittel’s victory as Florida Democratic Party (FDP) Chair and the subsequent election of several southeast Floridians to fill Florida’s DNC slots is from my vantage point an overall negative for regional considerations. But in the interest of fairness we will look at both the pros and cons of a more southeast Florida-centric party leadership. […]

Will Stephen Bittel be able to diversify funding sources for legislative races?

Stephen Bittel has been elected Chairman of the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) in a decisive vote of the State Executive Committee. Bittel was a popular choice among establishment figures but raises lots of red flags among the activist base of the party and those who would like to see control of the party wrestled away […]

FDP Chairs Race 2017 – Alan Clendenin has already won the day

Democratic politics in Florida is about personalities, tribalism and losing elections. Understanding this is the key to grasping everything that happens around the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) and local DEC’s. Florida’s Democrats have been on a nearly two decade losing streak with results reaching historic low points in the last two election cycles. During the […]

The Phlip Side (FDP Chair Edition Part 3 of 3): We get the leadership we deserve

As some people who read my article yesterday (Click Here to see) may have noticed, I previewed this column with a different title than I actually used.  I am still going to highlight the remaining conversations and candidates, but recent developments in the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) Chair race cannot be ignored.  Anthony Man, a […]

Does Bill Nelson tip the scales in Stephen Bittel’s favor?

While Bill Nelson’s public endorsement of Stephen Bittel wasn’t much of a surprise to party insiders it does represent a risk for Florida’s Senior US Senator. Nelson’s willingness to make public his support for Bittel reflects the closeness of the FDP Chair’s race and the hope that by putting his finger on the scale, Nelson […]

The Phlip Side (FDP Chair Edition Part 2 of 3): I need a shovel and some rubber boots, stat!

I am extraordinarily optimistic about the future of the Florida Democratic Party (FDP).  I recently wrote a summary of some of the candidates running for FDP Chair (click here for a refresher), and since that was published I have had the pleasure of speaking with four of the candidates running to lead our party.  I […]

Chasing FDP reform in 2017 Part 3: Analytics, data and political science

I found curious Dave Trotter’s pieces over at the Political Hurricane last week about political scientists – I sometimes don’t agree with Mr. Trotter on matters related to the party but on this he is spot on. The reliance of the Democrats on political operatives who have inherent biases and often do not use scientific […]