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The Phlip Side (FDP Chair Edition Part 3 of 3): We get the leadership we deserve

As some people who read my article yesterday (Click Here to see) may have noticed, I previewed this column with a different title than I actually used.  I am still going to highlight the remaining conversations and candidates, but recent developments in the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) Chair race cannot be ignored.  Anthony Man, a […]

The Phlip Side (FDP Chair Edition): Just Win Baby!

I have always been a big believer in setting people up for success.  Putting people in positions where they can excel so that everyone benefits.  I understand that people have ambitions and dreams that may not be realistic, and there is nothing wrong with that, but problems arise when people put a lot of effort […]

Will the third time be the charm for Dwight Bullard? It should not be…

County shopping has become the rage in Florida Democratic Party circles. The most dramatic feature of the 2017 FDP Chairs race has been the willingness of those who want to be FDP Chair to shop for a county who can elect them  and make them eligible. Just the other day we thought Alan Clendenin’s move […]

Bittel wins Miami-Dade SCM race, advances to face Clendenin, Carius and King

Kartik, Mario Piscatella and I are waiting until tomorrow to process the election tonight, and to gather our notes on the other candidates to bring you a Progressive News Network podcast update on the race for FDP chair. I was exhausted after tonight’s election and I was just watching from my home office. Mario did […]

FL Dem Chair’s race “sensible talk” on Progressive News Network tonight at 7pm

Tune in at 7pm for a big show tonight as I sit-in for Rick Spisak who is off for the holidays. I’ll have Mario Piscatella and Kartik Krishnaiyer on to chat about the Florida Democratic Chair’s race. This is a livestream, but will also be available as a downloadable podcast. Get a jump on […]

Poll: Florida Democratic Party Chairs Race

We are taking the temperature of our readers over the next few days on the FDP Chairs Race.  

Why the establishment grudge against Dwight Bullard?

Progressive activists throughout the state have flocked in the past seven days to the FDP Chair candidacy of Dwight Bullard. Many former Bernie Sanders supporters and other liberals who are aligning with Bullard cite that he was one of the few state legislators to articulately push a strong progressive agenda in the legislature over the […]

Finally, insurgent progressive media gains traction in Florida

I’ve either been doing insurgent progressive media — or studying it, consuming it, and supporting it — since I was in college. When I started my alternative weekly in the early 90s it was in response to being pitched by a right-winger hoping to launch a tabloid project. Needless to say, there was no way in hell I was going to lift a finger […]