Poll: Florida Democratic Party Chairs Race

We are taking the temperature of our readers over the next few days on the FDP Chairs Race.



  1. Jonnycipher · · Reply

    I think Dwight Bullard or Alma Gonzalas would make a good chair.


  2. Leah Carius · · Reply

    I have declared my candidacy as well. I’m Leah Carius, Chair of the Osceola County DEC.


  3. Joanne Sterner · · Reply

    Why not have co-chairs, Bittel can raise money and Bullard recruit candidates.


    1. JOSEPH KREPS · · Reply

      Bittel doesn’t need to be chair to raise money. He wants the chair to protect his interests and his hand picked candidates.


  4. Because Bittel is a total control freak and would never be a team player!


  5. How about a Yuge bio for each of the candidates so our votes can be from an informed opinion.


    1. JOSEPH KREPS · · Reply

      Better yet would be a question and answer forum.


  6. Stephen Bittel is clearly the best choice for us as Democrats.


  7. Molly Freeman · · Reply

    Alan Hrsyson for state dem chair


    1. @Molly Freeman, Who? Do you mean Alan Grayson, Is that Hrssyon a misspelling?


  8. Ricka Glukstad · · Reply

    Register NPA-drop out- do not feed the money machine any longer-kick out the corrupt Democrats you know about-then grab the control levers and take it over.


    1. @Ricko Glukstad, What is NPA, we need to be clear here, and I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only non-insider who reads stuff here and feels left out by insider abbreviations…


  9. As far as I’m concerned, it’s pretty basic, pretty simple. Where the Democrats failed again and again is on message. We are the better choice for the people. Any average American who votes republican is voting AGAINST their Best Interest!

    No matter how crooked anyone thinks Hillary is, or Alan Grayson etc (Patrick Murphy was) They were not going to blow up Roe v Wade, The EPA, Dept of Education, etc etc. and make hostile appointments to fill their Cabinet and Justice Department… ie The United States of Exxon. There is a large slice of the population that voted red just because it wasn’t Hillary right against their own self interest!!!… It wasn’t made clear to them that clean water was at stake! It wasn’t made clear how far the shyster republicans would go if given the reigns again… and what happened last time. It wasn’t made clear what they’ve done over the years since the 2010 election.

    We allowed the villains to dupe the citizenry, by assuming the citizenry inherently understood the contrast. It wasn’t money, it wasn’t organization, it wasn’t even corruption. We won the popular vote by 2.8 MILLION after all is said and done.

    What ever we do, whomever we elect, we need to take back the majority in The House AND Senate to stifle cripple and if need be, if possible impeach Trump and expose the republican agenda… and not just in Washington, but nation wide.


  10. Carol Burton · · Reply

    I support Dwight.


  11. meredithinjax · · Reply

    Lisa King from Jacksonville knows how to get things done and understands the importance of grassroots campaigning. She would be a great party chair, and I don’t understand why she’s not included on this survey.


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