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Newsmax – MAGA media entity puts Florida in the spotlight again

Newsmax, the media empire founded by Christopher Ruddy and based in West Palm Beach has emerged as the most Trumpian media entity during the last four years. Following the 2020 Election, Newsmax’s fledgling cable channel has become a favorite of MAGA loyalists and those alleging election fraud. Ruddy, a personal friend of the President, and […]

Exciting new media project launching today: Media Democracy in Action

An audacious new media project launches today, with live presentations throughout the week. Media Democracy in Action, produced by The World’s State and Project Censored is an interactive and participatory media project beginning today with a series of presentations from investigative and citizen journalists. The project sets off with a collaborative media system “that holds truth to power and […]

The FOX News frat house: Why so little media scrutiny until now?

This weekend The New York Times had a feature story after the culmination of the newspaper’s investigation on the sexual harrasment lawsuits against FOX News host Bill O’Reilly and the continued success of O’Reilly who continues thrive in terms of exposure and TV ratings despite numerous allegations of sexual harassment and a reported $3 million […]

Hacking and fake news – never a better time to remember Stephen Glass

Hacking and fake news has been at the forefront of the discussions around new President Donald Trump. Possible Russian hacking of Trump’s election and his constant use of the term “fake news” to describe credible media outlets got me thinking of the combination of hacking and fake news – the piece “Hack Heaven” the ran […]

Advocacy, fandom and the failure of objective journalism

Never has the media been more under the gun or scrutinized than today – the proliferation of advocacy blogs (like this one) as well as social media combined with the obsessive nature of 24-hour cable news channels has made media watchers and critics of us all. But it’s also turned us into cheerleaders and advocates […]

The Sunshine State News vs Florida Democrats

This past week the Florida Democratic Party’s new Chair Stephen Bittel announced a plan to incentivize action in small and medium sized counties – something from a party building standpoint that is long overdue and remains badly needed.  It was assumed by many, including me that this program was non-controversial. But as is often the […]

The George W. Bush playbook and media lapdogs conspiring to enable Trump

Donald J. Trump has become President of the United States, an event that has reduced the United States to being an object of ridicule the world over. Trump’s less endearing behavior includes berating political opponents and those whom he characterizes as disloyal Americans. At the top of Trump’s list is the media. Trump’s war against […]

Finally, insurgent progressive media gains traction in Florida

I’ve either been doing insurgent progressive media — or studying it, consuming it, and supporting it — since I was in college. When I started my alternative weekly in the early 90s it was in response to being pitched by a right-winger hoping to launch a tabloid project. Needless to say, there was no way in hell I was going to lift a finger […]

National media rises to the occasion during Matthew

Through the years I have often noted that the reaction of the national press to Superstorm Sandy was different than many had to Hurricane Katrina or other storms that have hit Florida or the Gulf Coast. It seems in the past, for many in the media if storms don’t hit the northeast corridor stretching from […]

Al Jazeera America’s demise – What does it tell us?

The demise of Al Jazeera America, which announced it is shutting its doors in April did not surprise many. The Qatari-owned network suffered from a perception problem in the United States going back to the post 9/11 period when the channel’s main broadcast outlet in Doha served as a virtual propaganda arm for Al-Qaida and […]