Exciting new media project launching today: Media Democracy in Action

An audacious new media project launches today, with live presentations throughout the week. Media Democracy in Action, produced by The World’s State and Project Censored is an interactive and participatory media project beginning today with a series of presentations from investigative and citizen journalists.

The project sets off with a collaborative media system “that holds truth to power and showcases a better way forward based on validated evidence, science and solutions based on service.”

CLICK HERE for more information. 


Here’s today’s LIVE presentation line-up:

1 p.m. Introduction and Welcome: Mickey Huff: Fake News / Real News / Misinformation and the Need for a Comprehensive Critical Media Literacy Education

2 p.m. A Call to Action: Robert McChesney: 

3 p.m. The science of systems: How learning from Science (Especially Biology) can Enable Better Systems of Service: Guest Presenter: Chuck Woolery (not the game Show host…)

4 p.m. Uncovering the Stories that are Suppressed and Censored to Enable a better understanding of us all;       

5 p.m
.  Taking it to the Streets…and The Classroom (or “How a former Punk Rock Comedian transformed to Educate the Youth on Sustainability and their role in the future featuring  Dave Street.”)


6 p.m.    Media is NOT a Weapon!  Michael Caporale:  Media that Nourishes our Lives because life is not a Debt Sentence: When what we are told to believe is a Lie: Perception, Reality, and a Enabling News Ecosystem that Serves us: Michael Caporale and Steven Jay


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