Poll: FDP Chair’s result attitudes

Stephen Bittel on Saturday, was elected chair of the Florida Democratic Party by a wide margin among State Executive Committee members on the first ballot. Are our readers happy with the result? How do they feel about the future of the party? Vote in the poll below and leave feedback in the comments section.


  1. The negativity I’ve seen online the past few days will doom us if we don’t buck up and assume the best for our party. The Trump presidency will create huge opportunities in 2018. Internally, we need to focus on changing party rules to create more democracy and fairness in our processes, and externally, we need to organize and show the voters that we care about them.

    I think our new leadership and our grassroots activists are up to the challenge.


  2. Patti Lynn · ·

    I don’t believe that this poll will do anything, other than keep Democrats divided. How about a poll question such as, ” Are YOU willing to work to help Democrats achieve success in upcoming elections?”


  3. mike coleman · ·

    We know the Party that took a reverse mortgage on America beginning in 1981 giving tax breaks that prevented our ability to continue to fund Education, upkeep and modernize our Infrastructure ensure Civil and Voting rights for everyone in every category.

    The Other Party has fought against every element of the New Deal,the Great Society and has strangled innovation and upward mobility with their recalcitrance and cronyism at the Federal, State and Local level.

    That Party has fought against much needed Healthcare programs and Women’s Reproductive Rights.

    That Party has overseen the hollowing out of Middle Class Wealth and Financial to the point where six out of ten Americans cannot withstand a financial emergency requiring more than $500.
    Democrats are not our enemy, not even the ones who fail to vote correctly on every issue dear to our base.

    Florida has been run by Republicans every day this Century.

    Democrats political power will build when we all remind our fellow Americans that the American they count upon everyday were created by Democrats, enacted into Law (sometimes without a single Republican vote) protected, improved and preserved by Democrats.

    We must understand that “It’s Always About Our Future” and come together to elect more Democrats everywhere.

    We must understand the extent of electoral power we actually hold and maximize our Voter Turnout Statewide.
    Win the winnable Legislative Seats, while competing in every District but we must realize that our Voters do not have an even geographical distribution.

    We need to make more Democratic Voters where it’s possible and get Vote By Mail Ballots into more Democratic Mailboxes as VBMs seriously increase turnout percentages.

    When we have a valid (educated) understanding of our strength and institute programs statewide that increase our strength as we enter into a Voter Retention Election cycle we will have a great opportunity to change Florida’s political landscape.

    It’s up to us.


  4. Sean Atkinson · ·

    The Florida Democratic Party meetings feel more like a Chamber of Commerce leads group. I like Chamber of Commerce leads groups, but I do not want my party behaving like a Chamber of Commerce any more than I want my oven behaving like a fridge. It has become, and now it is confirmed, a place with no political, moral or ethical standing.


  5. We will win united or lose divided. Elect the best Democrats everywhere by having open and substantive conversations and let the good people of the Democratic Party decide. Transparency and open debate will make us the party of the working class once again.


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